The Girls On The Bus Explained Political Journalism and the Whole Field

Episode 9 left a huge cliffhanger from beginning to end, the finale drives home since the pilot.
The Girls on the Bus on Max
The Girls on the Bus on Max /

Episode 9 of Warner Bros' Max journalism drama television series drops words of wisdom at the beginning from an important power player. That's before the unfortunate happens. Episode 9 left us with a huge cliffhanger while giving breadcrumbs from the beginning to the final episode of the series.

The new episode releases today and next week is the finale of season 1, The Girls On The Bus. Episode nine opens similarly to how the pilot starts with a key character playing a crucial professional relationship with Sadie McCarthy (Melissa Benoist) and Sadie's character development. The episode focuses on the four main women's lives and their place as journalists in the field, but the finale drives home when viewers first met Benoist's character.

For a drama show that focuses on political journalists, all the episodes address societal issues that mirror our current climate and the state of journalism. Also, the character development shown by Grace (Carla Gugino), Kimberlyn (Christina Elmore), and Lola (Natasha Behnam) since first meeting them in the first earlier episodes is showcased much later in the season.

However, there is a shift for the 4 key women since the pilot, especially Lola (Behnam) who emerges from a rebellious, activist influential content creator to embracing the title of a journalist.

What is fascinating about The Girls On The Bus is viewing a fictional interpretation of journalism and a journalist interviewing someone for a story hoping it is a reliable, truthful, honest source of information.

The last two episodes allow us to sink our teeth into the lives of the four journalists and ride along with them on and off the bus. Without spoiling, what happened in episodes 9-10, The Girls On The Bus explained the sleepless hours to work in political journalism and the whole idea of what it is like to work in a field that is non-political news related.

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