The Five Best Series Finales of All-Time: One Good medical drama tops the list

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5: House - 2004-2012

So much can be said about Dr. House. This was one of the most iconic medical dramas of all-time. And, some have even described it as fairly medically accurate. The theme of the final episode was somewhat of an overarching theme of the entire series, or at least the second half of the series, "Everybody Dies."

Parts of this episode were somewhat slow and almost felt like filler, but the second half of the episode really picked up and provided a massive twist.

The viewers were initially led to believe Dr. House died in a fire, his colleagues were then seen at his funeral. Many of his colleagues spoke glowingly of their superior, but his close friend Dr. Wilson was brutally honest and called House out, until a phone call interrupted with the plot twist.

Flash to the next scene that features a very much alive Dr. House sitting on the stoop of a building, explaining to Dr. Wilson why he pulled the elaborate stunt. Which was done to not be in jail during the final months of Wilson's life as he slowly dies from cancer. Then we get another jump cut, where we literally see House and Wilson ride off into the sunset on motorcycles.