The Buccaneers Plot Twists Its Way Into Season 2

Episode 2. Josie Totah and Mia Threapleton in "The Buccaneers," premiering November 8, 2023 on Apple TV+.
Episode 2. Josie Totah and Mia Threapleton in "The Buccaneers," premiering November 8, 2023 on Apple TV+. /

The Buccaneers was renewed for a second season at AppleTV+, which gives audiences something to look forward to following that big cliffhanger for Nan, Jinny, and Guy.

All season long, Nan has been placed at the center of a love triangle between Guy and Theo, and in season one's final episodes, Nan finally seems to understand the difference in her feelings for each suitor. But, although she reveals and declares her love for Guy, ultimately, Nan's love for her sister Jinny is more significant than her feelings for either man.

Instead of running away with Guy like they had discussed the night before Nan's wedding to Theo, the plan gets changed to allow Jinny to run away from her abusive husband, James.

Jinny's acknowledgments, even the smallest references to that James is not a kind man, but a dangerous one whom Jinny feels the need to protect a baby from, is a big step forward for the character who has undergone plenty of emotional turmoil surrounding her marriage, and how her relationship with James has negatively impacted each of her friendships.

Meanwhile, to secure Jinny's safety, Nan signs herself up for a potentially loveless marriage. Although Nan did have feelings for Theo, she had already stated that she loves Guy more, and it appears that Theo is unaware of Nan's true motivations for marrying him, even though his mother is in on the truth.

Granted, it took forever for Jinny and Guy to escape as The Buccaneers found any excuse possible to delay their getaway.

Mabel and Conchita receive somewhat predictable conclusions to the season as well. Mabel and Honoria appear to be committing to each other, even though it is uncertain exactly what that looks like for them moving forward. As for Conchita, she and Richard discuss finally being financially independent from their families, only for the potential of Richard's sense of duty to cause a conflict for their escape.

However, the real problem in The Buccaneers' season finale lies with Lizzy, and how the season led up to almost nothing for her.

Lizzy is the only person Mabel confides the truth about her sexuality. Lizzy underwent trauma and tried to move her way out of feeling shame toward what occurred between her and James. Lizzy had told Jinny the truth, only to be initially rebuffed.

Lizzy is the only character of the five girls to not have her own central love interest throughout the first season. Granted, she should not have needed a love interest in order to make her interesting and exciting. Unfortunately, The Buccaneers did not create enough of an exciting conclusion or cliffhanger for a character who deserved something far more positive than what she received.

Hopefully, season two can rectify Lizzy's involvement by giving her a more positive and hopeful storyline.

Season two certainly has a lot to work with, and The Buccaneers has a real chance to explore these characters and the intertwined and complicated relationships they have with each other.

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