Shopping for May the 4th? Time to head to Fun!

Fun has everything you need to continue feeling the force into May.
Stars Wars Exclusives on Fun.Com. Image Credit to Fun.
Stars Wars Exclusives on Fun.Com. Image Credit to Fun. /

May the 4th has truly become a holiday of its very own and for Star Wars, it's a fun nod to the franchise so I wanted to spread some love.

If you're like me and enjoy having some fun Star Wars items in your home, then you have to head to Fun. The website is full of SO many amazing products for all different fandoms and there is even a May the 4th section.

Even though it's a bit later in the day, there is still plenty of time to place an order and get everything you need to keep the Force going strong into May. Of course, these are just some items I saw on the website but there is plenty more.

What's even cooler is that there are even some exclusives to Fun which I'm going to feature below so let's get into some items you can't miss.

Fun has everything you need to keep May the 4th going.

Let's start with the image above and that's a Mandalorian Throw Blanket. It's standard-sized and is priced at $29.99. The blanket officially measures "46 x 60" and is exclusive to Fun. It features the Mandalorian on the front and The Child. Honestly, it looks so cozy and fun that it would be perfect to snuggle up with while watching Star Wars. Then next up is an Ashoka blanket which is another throw blanket, measuring "48 x 60", and it's priced at $14.99 currently.

Keeping with the exclusive, there are two different shoes you can grab. First is a pair of sneakers that is for Leia fans as they're Rebel Leia Women's Hoth Sneakers. Sadly, they're only available in sizes 11 and 12 as the others are sold-out. Moving on to the option I knew I had to include, the Adult Grogu Slippers which are exactly as they sound. I'm going to feature the image below but the slippers are in the shape of The Child. Of course, you can find even more exclusives on the May the 4th page.

Stars Wars Exclusives on Fun.Com. Image Credit to Fun. /

Of course, I had to include some other items that aren't exclusive to Fun but are still fun ones to grab in celebration of May the 4th. One of my favorites is easily the new Funko Pop! Deluxe of Queen Amidala which is priced at $29.99. She looks absolutely stunning and undeniably regal so I wanted to make sure I featured her.

There are also multiple different backpacks that would be great for an upcoming Disney trip including a Boba Fett Mini Backpack ($39.99,) a Danielle Nicole backpack featuring The Child ($59.99,) an Ahsoka and Grogu Mini Backpack ($80.00) and lastly, a Star Wars Retro Comic Mini Backpack ($49.99) to round out the list. As you can see, Fun has all the accessories to help complete your Star Wars look.

You can even filter by movie if you're looking for something specific. Honestly, there are so many amazing items I could feature but those are just some that immediately popped out to me. Even if you're looking for something specific, you should be able to find something on Fun.

Will you be ordering anything from Fun on May the 4th? Let us know!

These Rainbow Brite Slippers from Fun are utterly adorable. These Rainbow Brite Slippers from Fun are utterly adorable. dark. Next