See this survey featuring love and the NFL in a unique way

Sports and love can sometimes go hand-in-hand but this survey might change that.

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

There are likely billions of sports fans out there and also a lot of people looking forward to Valentine's Day. Given that the Super Bowl falls on February 11th, some might be celebrating early.

This survey was conducted by did share some interesting insights. Honestly, I can't believe some of the things I read and there is so much to break down within this data so I won't waste any time.

Of over 1,000 people who were surveyed, almost half of them weren't willing to leave their partner for an NFL player. Honestly, that's a pretty good sign but there were some who could be swayed with Tom Brady getting 15.38% of votes. He was followed up by Patrick Mahomes with 8.28% favoring him but honestly, that's just a wild stat to me.

That's not the only shocking stat shared within that data, though. There was a question asked about what people would give up to see their NFL team win a Super Bowl. For a majority of people or 35.64%, there isn't anything on the list they'd consider doing.

This survey shares the lengths some NFL fans will go.

For those who were willing to give something up, 24.05% of people would give up drinking for a month while 17.23% would give up sex for a month. It truly shocked me that women were amongst the majority of those responses. Either way, let's go girl, I love that energy and would honestly probably do the same for my team.

Moving on to where things can start to get dicey, people were asked what occasion they would miss to see their team win a Super Bowl. This one didn't sway a lot of people as 54% wouldn't miss anything mentioned. However, there were 10.22% said they would miss their wedding while 16.94% would miss a family member's funeral for it. Apparently, some NFL fans are ride-or-die literally.

The last stat I want to share is related to Valentine's Day. This was already mentioned but frankly, this one also had me scratching my head. 10.52% of the people surveyed shared that they'd rather spend Valentine's Day, watching sports than having a romantic night with their partner. Apparently, some people aren't willing to give up their allegiance to their sports teams even in the face of love.

I'm sure most people were lucky that this one was anonymous because there would be trouble in paradise for more than a few of those surveyed. Either way, it's all in good fun and is something I felt the need to share with Valentine's Day coming up.

What would you give up for your team to win the Super Bowl? Be sure to let us know as long as it doesn't risk your relationship!

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