Raising Cane's Nashville Flagship location is a feast for the senses

Raising Cane's is making its mark in Nashville with its new flagship restaurant.
Image courtesy Raising Cane's
Image courtesy Raising Cane's / Image courtesy Raising Cane's

There is something utterly spectacular about visiting a new Raising Cane's location. That's why I was so lucky to be able to attend the grand opening of the new Nashville Flagship location.

For those who don't know, Raising Cane's has added a few flagship locations including New York, Las Vegas, and now, Nashville. Each location is a testament and truly, a love letter to the city where it's located.

As someone who hadn't visited Nashville until then, I was excited, to put it mildly. Aside from Raising Cane's taking care of my travel and making me feel like Nashville's next big star, the entire event was unlike anything I've ever attended before.

For those who don't know, Cane's also invited me to their Dallas x Post Malone restaurant which is equally as cool. This time though, this Nashville Flagship location felt like something utterly different and truly something you have to take in with all five of your senses.

Raising Cane's Nashville Flagship location is an utter delight.

Raising Cane's
Image courtesy Raising Cane's / Image courtesy Raising Cane's

Let me start with the most obvious thing and it's the food at Raising Cane's. Lunch was provided by the incredible staff and even though I wasn't able to eat much, I wasn't disappointed. Cane's truly never misses when it comes to the food but that's not the only thing that had me salivating when I first entered the building. Plus as we know, the smells coming from Cane's are enough to make you want to walk in there.

Since I was part of the press for the event, I was able to enter the restaurant early and check everything out. Not only was this Cane's two floors but the interior was stunning. Of course, there were the classic Cane's touches including music, fun artwork, and many disco balls. The thing that really struck me though was how much Cane's paid homage to the artists and people who are and were part of the Nashville music scene. With nods to icons like Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, it's clear Cane's put a lot of thought into the locals who would be visiting and tourists as well.

When you first enter the restaurant, the music playing is country and it wasn't just modern country either. There was a mix of country artists, old and new who were playing while we explored the restaurant. It was truly so much fun and made the experience all the better. Honestly, I couldn't stop looking around, singing along, and enjoying my time but the thing that made it so special for me was being able to talk to Todd Graves.

While I had previously attended an event, I hadn't been able to talk to him one-on-one but getting the chance to do it, I felt starstruck. Even before getting to personally meet him, it was incredible to hear him talk about how much this Nashville Flagship location meant to him and it's clear Graves has an appreciation for Nashville, its history, and especially, its food scene. Additionally, it was amazing to hear just how much care he puts into opening each restaurant and ensuring that the crews at each location are treated fairly and respectfully yet are still able to have fun.

Maybe I'm just a sap, but it brought a tear to my eye to listen to Graves talk about how much this location meant to him and how he's using Cane's to make an even larger difference in people's lives and their community. Plus Raising Cane's III was there and she was the calmest and cutest dog you could ever see. I'll be honest and say that I went over to pet her three or four different times.

Raising Cane's
Image courtesy Raising Cane's / Image courtesy Raising Cane's

Aside from that, I was just so incredibly happy to be able to visit Nashville, see this new Raising Cane's location, and have an experience unlike any other. I can only hope that I get to attend another grand opening for Raising Cane's as this truly made me an even bigger Caniac. If you're visiting Nashville, live there, or just want to see one of the coolest Raising Cane's locations ever, then the Nashville Flagship location is an absolute must!

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