Pluto TV adds three new undeniably fun channels to its lineup

Craving something different this December? Try out these new Pluto TV channels!

Pluto TV Logo. Image Courtesy of Pluto TV.
Pluto TV Logo. Image Courtesy of Pluto TV. /

Pluto TV is one of those platforms that seems to be getting better and better. The streamer is adding more channels eve as we close in on the year.

Thankfully, these aren't holiday-specific and can be enjoyed anytime. That's one thing I will say about Pluto TV, though. The brand knows how to keep up with what's trending and what people are looking for.

Most notably, these new channels are three very different ones but will appeal to a wide range of viewers. The channels are "Warner Bros. TV Sweet Escapes," "Warner Bros. TV Say Yes to the Dress," and "ION."

It's clear each channel will have a very specific audience and there is nothing like getting something new added to the platform ahead of having a few stress-free days off of work.

See these three new channels from Pluto TV!

Let's start with the first one mentioned which is "Warner Bros. TV Sweet Escapes." This is a channel dedicated to all kinds of sweet escapes. While the promo image featured a picture of Buddy from Cake Boss, that's not the only thing it's offering. As shared via the brand: "Cake competitions, baking and beyond for the ultimate sweet escape." That sounds like a great way to unwind after a long day.

If baking isn't your thing, maybe you're into watching people try on and pick out wedding dresses. You can enjoy the "Warner Bros. TV Say Yes to the Dress" channel. This is a channel dedicated to airing episodes of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. The show was and still is a favorite for those who are looking for something both entertaining and a bit dramatic.

The last new channel being added to Pluto is ION. This one is less black-and-white as it doesn't just focus on one element. As shared via the brand: "ION is the destination for your favorite binge-worthy dramas! Featuring critically-acclaimed shows, including “NCIS,” “FBI,” and “Chicago Fire,” ION’s action-packed schedule promises to keep you entertained all day long." It is essentially a more action-packed option for viewers.

As mentioned, these channels couldn't come at a better time for those looking to relax and enjoy some days off. It's just nice to be able to kick back and watch some fun shows on Pluto TV.

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