PETA's Super Bowl Ad Features An Easter Egg To The Sopranos

PETA Super Bowl Commercial. Image Credit to PETA.
PETA Super Bowl Commercial. Image Credit to PETA. /

New Jersey fans of The Sopranos get ready for an exciting Super Bowl easter egg. Edie Falco is taking on the violent underworld again.

PETA's Super Bowl ad which was directed by DeMane Davis is a discussion on the positives of going vegan, as the commercial portrays a mother cow chasing after a truck that is taking her baby calf away.

The concept of the commercial is taken from a real life standard practice on dairy farms. Rather than allowing families of cows to stick together, newborn calves are removed from their mothers so that the milk that is meant to nourish them can be sold for human consumption instead.

The President of PETA stated,

""Once people think about severing the bond between mother cows and their beloved calves, it's a fair bet that many of them will say 'fugeddaboudit' to cheese. PETA's downloadable vegan starter kits are available for everyone who wants to kick off kinder eating habits in 2024 and beyond.""

Ingrid Newkirk

For animal lovers, going vegan may mean saving nearly 200 animals each year. Taking on a vegan diet could also improve a person's health as vegans may be less prone to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes.

PETA's Super Bowl ad will air on Sunday, February 11, on YouTube and will be televised in New Jersey, where the hit series, The Sopranos, was based.

PETA's motto states that "animals are not ours to eat" which leans into their belief that Every Animal Is Someone and offer free Empathy Kits.

PETA's commercial with Edie Falco may be a fun connection to The Sopranos in a constant time of nostalgia and reboots, but it is also trying to get a significant point across about the treatment of cows and how people can help save them rather than unknowingly participating in events that can bring them harm.

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