Off To The Races will gallop straight onto your summer TBR

Off To the Races by Elsie Silver. Image Credit to Bloom Books.
Off To the Races by Elsie Silver. Image Credit to Bloom Books. /

When most readers think of Elsie Silver, the first book that comes to mind is Flawless but she’s also written the Gold Rush Ranch series starting with Off to the Races.

Bloom Books originally published her Chestnut Springs series first but now they’re going back and republishing the Gold Rush Ranch series. This series does feature some Easter Eggs and characters we hear about in the Chestnut Springs series if you’re looking for that.

Given that Elsie Silver feels like the leader in the cowboy romance space, I was incredibly excited to go back and read Off to the Races. Plus she’s one of those romance authors who seems like such a sweet person and her books always tend to be quick reads for me.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan of Elsie Silver even though I’m a bit behind on reading some of her backlist. However, we’re here to talk about Off to the Races.

Off to the Races will gallop straight into your heart.

For those who haven’t read Elsie Silver yet, what the heck are you waiting for? If you want to go through things properly, I’d suggest starting with The Gold Rush Ranch series, and Off to the Races is such a perfect title for it.

This book follows Billie Black, who is an up-and-coming horse trainer who is looking for an opportunity to work at Gold Rush Ranch. However, the one thing standing in her way is Von Harding. Having recently taken over the ranch from his grandfather, Von is dealing with the grief of losing her grandfather and the man he always believed him to be.

In comes Billie who shakes up Von’s entire world. From her interview to get the job to her trying to work with the ranch’s toughest horse, Double Diablo, it’s clear these two are bound to be lovers before the end of their first interaction. Even so, Elise Silver doesn’t shy away from doing the character work to make these two get their HEA.

Von is dealing with his meddling mother, pressure from his brother, and trying to save his grandfather’s reputation. He’s also grieving the loss of his grandfather and figuring out what he wants to do with this life and career. Meanwhile, Billie is trying to tame Double Diablo, find her footing as a trainer, and deal with some repercussions from her past.

The relationship between Von and Billie is a slow burn in the best way as the attraction is there but they aren’t quick to act on. Billie wants to be taken seriously and she knows that scandal can sometimes derail everything. From their romance to the conflicts in the story, the way Elsie Silver weaved everything together just worked for me and I’m shocked more people aren’t gushing about this book.

Hopefully with it being re-published by Bloom Books, that will change. If you’ve read Elsie Silver before and haven’t picked this book up, you’re missing out. If you’re new to Elsie Silver, this is also a great place to start.

Off to the Races is out now where books are sold.

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