New editorial calls Taylor Swift "not a role model" because she is not married and has no children

Night Three Of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - London, UK
Night Three Of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - London, UK / Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/GettyImages

When it comes to influential celebrities, there is no denying that Taylor Swift is perhaps at the top of the list. She is globally known and her music speaks to a wide audience of people. Swift's concerts sell out, even with ticket prices in the thousands of dollars. And people will even fly to other countries in order to hear her perform.

But that is not what makes the singer so special. And for many people, she is a true role model because of what she does off the stage and away from the studio. She donates to charity and during her The Eras Tour, she has been donating enough money to fund food pantries in different cities she has stopped in for an entire year. She is literally making a change in the world with her platform and her money.

And yet, a recent editorial from Newsweek has made it clear that Taylor Swift is "not a role model." But what makes this writer believe that Swift doesn't deserve the title of role model? Well of course it is because at the age of 34 she is both "unmarried and childless."

That's right, Taylor Swift is not a suitable role model to young girls because she is not a married mother.

"At 34, Swift remains unmarried and childless, a fact that some might argue is irrelevant to her status as a role model. But, I suggest, it's crucial to consider what kind of example this sets for young girls. A role model, by definition, is someone worthy of imitation. While Swift's musical talent and business acumen are certainly admirable, even laudable, we must ask if her personal life choices are ones we want our sisters and daughters to emulate."


Apparently, the only way a woman in her 30s who donates millions of dollars to charity is allowed to be considered a role model is if she...checks married and has children.

Now obviously, there was more to this breakdown of why she should not be considered a role model. But again, it all has to do with her personal life and romantic decisions. A lot of the criticism stems from the fact that she has dated at least 12 different men over the course of her career. And that as someone who has spoken out against the patriarchy, she has also chosen to date men who are influential with their own power.

But do you know what we don't see in the news? How about why a man is not a good role model because he is unmarried and has no children in his 30s? Honestly, we don't even see it about men in their 40s or later. And of course, we definitely don't hear the news media complaining that men are dating women who are their equals in terms of influence. It's really only women like Taylor Swift we need to worry about, after all, who cares if she is willing to do her part to end hunger or help shelter animals stay fed for a full year?

Whether you are a fan of Taylor Swift or not, the fact that someone would go to the trouble of writing an entire breakdown of why she is not a role model because of her status as an unmarried woman with no children is truly troubling. It is problematic for so many reasons and one of the biggest reasons is because it completely negates everything else she has done in her life and makes it seem like the only way any woman can be admired is if they not only get married but also have children (not even taking into account that there are women who may want children and physically can't have them).

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