May The Oreo Be With You: Oreo Is Partnering Up With Star Wars

Limited Edition OREO Release. Image Credit to Oreo Brand.
Limited Edition OREO Release. Image Credit to Oreo Brand. /

Oreos may be milk's favorite cookies, but they are about to take a tour around Tatooine and the Death Star too.

OREO is allying itself with Lucasfilm, a decision that may or may not determine the future of Darth Vader's plans. The result comes in the form of Special Edition Star Wars OREO Cookie Packs.

Would you rather fight for Luke Skywalker and the rebellion? Or, did you agree with Darth Vader's plans for domination? Either way, you can choose your side in advance by knowing exactly what you are paying for shown on the package, rather than guessing which side of the war your cookies are on.

Every pack will reveal if the cookies feature all light side or dark side characters. The cookies will be filled with red or blue creme with sugar crystals inspired by the same kyber crystals fans could find in a Lightsaber.

According to the official press release, Senior Brand Manager, OREO, US said,

""Pairing two tremendously loved communities to launch the Star Wars OREO Cookie Packs has been an amazing experience. We are continuing to make strides to cement our brand's cultural relevance via strategic collaborations. We hope fans see how much we loved bringing their favorite stories to life, and that they have fun discovering the details we're included at every touchpoint.""

Nicole Fischer

OREO and Star Wars have each been massively successful franchises in their individual fields, and while OREO has made itself known with its various cookie flavors, including chocolate, mint, apple pie, and red velvet, among many more, Star Wars has continued to gain traction and excitement in fans with each passing film and television show. Together, these two brands are more than capable of saving the world or conquering it.

The Star Wars Oreo cookies are available for pre-sale on May 30th and can be found on But, if you would rather wait to rush to stores, the cookies will be available at nationwide retailers beginning on June 10th, but only for a limited amount of time.

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