Liv by Kotex share its Mother's Night campaign

Liv by Kotex is helping us see what Mom really wants this year.
New Brand From Kotex Launches "Mother's Night." Image Credit to Kotex.
New Brand From Kotex Launches "Mother's Night." Image Credit to Kotex. /

When it comes to Mother's Day celebrations, there are some typical ones but sometimes, Mom wants a break or to cut loose which Liv by Kotex understands.

While Kotex is known for its period products, you might not know about Liv by Kotex. These products are all about period and pee protection. We all know that sometimes Mom can tend to pee when she laughs and we're likely the cause of it.

That's why it's so great to see the brand giving back to the women who shaped us or the Moms you appreciate in your own life. This new campaign is all about giving back to Mom but not making her be just "Mom" for that night.

Even though it's Sunday, that's not to say Mom can't go out and reconnect with friends, have a drink or two, and do her things on Saturday. Sometimes as mothers, that's all they're looking for, and Liv by Kotex just gave them the perfect excuse.

Liv by Kotex introduces its "Mother's Night" campaign for 2024.

Thankfully, Liv by Kotex is making sure Moms aren't left hanging and they're putting the money back in Mom's pocket. As shared via the press release: "To kickstart the initiative, Liv by Kotex® is giving 200 moms $100 each to go out with their friends. Moms in need of a night out just need to follow and
comment on @LivbyKotex's Mother’s Night Instagram post, share how they would spend Mothers’ Night and tag two friends they want to spend the night with for a chance to be selected. Additionally, the brand is calling on everyone to take part by giving a mom or mom-like figure in their life a night out for Mother’s Day." As you can see, Liv by Kotex is giving back to Moms in a big way.

Whether you're a Mom or have a friend you know is a great mother, it's nice to show them a little bit of appreciation. For some, having that time with friends is exactly what they need to recharge. It doesn't always need to be something extravagant either as I know a lot of friends who are Moms are just fine with relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

You could always go out to dinner and just enjoy some time, talking. You could go even simpler and decide to go out for ice cream. Plus there's nothing wrong with grabbing dinner and a movie with friends. All in all, this campaign from Liv by Kotex is allowing Mom to celebrate herself and sometimes, that's exactly what she needs.

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