Surprise Mom with Shaker & Spoon this Mother's Day

If you're looking for something to mix up Mother's Day, try Shaker & Spoon.
Shaker & Spoon Box Image. Image Credit to Shaker & Spoon.
Shaker & Spoon Box Image. Image Credit to Shaker & Spoon. /

When it comes to Mother's Day gifts, flowers are out and Shaker & Spoon is in. Well, not really because I know my mom would love either but if you're looking for a unique gift, we've got you.

For those who don't know, Shaker & Spoon is a box for those wanting to channel their inner mixologist and craft a drink they know they'll love. As pictured above, you can see just what a typical box will look like and even some of the creations you can make with it.

However, the website does a much better job than I ever could: "Each box includes all of the ingredients (other than the alcohol) for 12 cocktails (4 from each recipe). Everything you need—syrups, bitters, garnishes, aromatics, and more—is included; you just add the liquor. Our specialty syrups are house-made and we always aim to source the best of everything else." As you can see, it's truly a unique gift for Mom but one she'll appreciate.

The only thing I want to explain is why Shaker & Spoon doesn't provide alcohol and it's for a few reasons as it can exclude certain states, alcohol does require a signature and it allows for the brand to add more in each box. All in all, it's just a smarter idea for all around.

Shaker & Spoon is a unique yet fun gift Mom will appreciate.

Shaker & Spoon
Shaker & Spoon Box Image. Image Credit to Shaker & Spoon. /

The cool thing is that this gift is very customizable for Mom. You have a few different options you can go with as you can gift a subscription. This is done on the website as you can pick the length of the subscription, send them an email, and then they're able to pick what they want. Frankly, it couldn't be much easier than that especially if you don't live close to your Mom.

In addition, Shaker & Spoon has its own online store, full of products to choose from. If you know your mom's favorite drink, you could grab her a cocktail kit or even some syrup to help make her drink to her taste. There are also accessories to choose from including cocktail recipe books, drinking glasses, and even, Shaker & Spoon merch.

All in all, there isn't much Shaker & Spoon doesn't have if you're looking to grab something for Mom this year. Given how many different box options there are, you truly can't go wrong in gifting a subscription or grabbing something from the store that your mom will enjoy.

Given how many options are out there for Mother's Day, Shaker & Spoon allows you to gift your mom with the experience she'll most enjoy. Maybe you'll get lucky and she'll decide to make a drink for you. I'd like to thank Shaker & Spoon for reaching out to me and I hope you find the perfect gift for Mom this year.

Will you be headed to Shaker & Spoon to shop for Mother's Day? Let us know!

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