Kilt Trip is a romance you'll want to take on spring break

Looking for a springy debut? Time to try out Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley.

Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley. Image Credit to Canary Street Press.
Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley. Image Credit to Canary Street Press. /

In a way, romance books can feel like a world of fantasy even if they’re contemporary. That’s exactly how I felt about Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley.

When it comes to romances, a lot of us want to be whisked away to somewhere far away and have an adventure. In romances, that can look a little bit different.

Thankfully, Kilt Trip takes that idea and runs with it in the best way. If anything, this debut romance felt like the ultimate spring break read even though it doesn’t technically take place during the springtime.

I’d like to thank Canary Street Press for sending me an early ARC so I was able to read it and share my thoughts with all of you.

Kilt Trip is a springy romance that scratch your travel itch.

If you go into this book, knowing nothing, I think you’ll be fine. I started Kilt Trip without any idea what was going on and it felt like a whirlwind. The book starts with Addie, posing as a tourist to get a feel for this tour company and find out why they need her to come in and help revamp a few things. Things get exciting when she ends up flirting with the tour guide.

Of course, as these things go, the tour guide is Logan who doesn’t want Addie to help. If anything, he despises her very presence. The two end up seeing each other again and it’s as awkward as you can imagine. While things are very tense between Addie and Logan, the two slowly start to find some kinship with each other as they’re both trying to figure out what makes them happy and if a relationship is possible.

For the majority of the book, we’re also following Addie as she’s grieving her mother while trying to feel closer to her as she finds some Polaroids of her mother in Scotland. While Addie is dealing with a lot, it’s compounded by her wanting to do a good job on this big project. As for Logan, he’s trying to prove that the company doesn’t need Addie’s help.

As you can see, these two have a lot going on and as much as I enjoyed this book, it felt like it needed more romance. Maybe it’s just my personal preference, but I think the focus could have been shifted more toward Logan and Addie together. Then again, this is a debut so I’m not going to hold it against Alexandra Kiley.

If anything, Kilt Trip made me want to book a trip to Scotland and relax. Plus there’s no denying the cover and title are enough to suck you in. Whether you’re looking for something to enjoy during your spring break or need a new beach read, Kilt Trip is a must-try.

Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley is out now where books are sold.

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