New Romance Books being released in March 2024

These romances are all coming in March so time to update your TBR.
Romance novel section of a bookstore...
Romance novel section of a bookstore... / John Greim/GettyImages

2024 feels like it is zooming past us and honestly, sometimes that's a good thing. For romance readers, it just means more romance books to keep track of.

Being a romance reader and reviewer does have its perks though as you're able to read some release early and know just how lovely they are. Honestly, that's one major thing I love about writing up these posts as it can open up so many doors.

In addition, there are always some romances I'm bound to forget or ones I discover while making this list which is fun. Plus it's just nice to know what's coming out in any given month if you're planning to go book-shopping.

Thankfully in March, there are two holidays coming up so you have an excuse but even if you don't, most of these authors are women and it's Women's History Month so it's a gift to yourself.

Don't miss these March 2024 romance releases.

As with all of these lists, I'll just be focusing on some popular titles along with some I'm incredibly excited for. You can always head to your favorite bookish website to find even more romance books to add to your TBR so let's get into the releases.

  • This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan (March 5)
  • Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley (March 5)
  • Lady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man by Violet Marsh (March 5)
  • Swift and Saddled by Lyla Sage (March 5)
  • Happily Never After by Lynn Painter (March 12)
  • A Touch of Chaos by Scarlett St. Clair (March 12)
  • It Must Be True Then by Luci Adams (March 12)
  • Expiration Dates by Rebecca Serle (March 19)
  • The Air He Breathes by Brittainy Cherry (March 19)
  • Flirty Little Secret by Jessica Lepe (March 19)
  • The Love Remedy by Elizabeth Everett (March 19)
  • The Good, the Bad and the Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto (March 26)
  • Maya's Laws of Love by Alina Khawaja (March 26)
  • The Emperor and the Endless Palace by Justinian Huang (March 26)

This list is pretty short in comparison to other months but trust me when I say that April is going to be a HUGE month for releases. Thankfully, most of these romances are going to be featured on Culturess so make sure to come back for more romance content!

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