Isle of Berk at Epic Universe appeals to multi-generational How to Train Your Dragon fans

Rendering of Isle of Berk entrance at Epic Universe, photo provided by Universal Orlando
Rendering of Isle of Berk entrance at Epic Universe, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

As anticipation grows for the 2025 opening of Universal Orlando Resort’s Epic Universe, the second area to be revealed, How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk, is designed to be a multigenerational experience. Stepping into this Viking-centric world captures the thrills and imagination that the story's characters embody.

From the popular movies to the series, How You Train Your Dragon has captivated fans of all ages. While families might have first laughed and cried through the misadventures of Hiccup and the dragons that fill the Viking world, the characters, and storylines do not lose their luster once viewers can enjoy their own glass of mead.

That multi-generational appeal makes the Isle of Berk at Epic Universe an important part of the Epic Universe theme park landscape. While each portal transports guests to a different land full of immersive storytelling, it is more than stepping under an arch and appreciating the premise. It is the little details and activities that make people believe in that “whoa” moment.

In the Isle of Berk at Epic Universe, the idea is to give guests a little bit of everything. The Viking village might look idyllic, but there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. From innovative food and beverages to Easter eggs tucked into the well-crafted details, the creative team was able to balance the immenseness with the intricacy.

For the guests that make a beeline to the front of a ride queue, the rides offer a little bit of everything. From the family thrill coaster, Hiccup’s Wing Gliders, to the more thrilling Dragon Racer’s Rally, those adrenaline pumping moments are paired with a Viking Training Camp and a Hiccup and Toothless meet and greet.

The concept seems to focus on the interconnectivity of the storylines. In some ways, that scenario invites guests to visit time and again to keep the connection strong. Whether one day they choose to spin fast on the Dragon Racer’s Rally and the next time they choose to watch others soak each other in battle on the Fyre Drill, it allows the moment where the images on the screen feel less fictional and more real.

The Universal creative team has thoughtfully created a physical space that has guests engaged at every corner. With a centralized water feature, it feels like a Viking-centric world where one group can set off on the water and another can soar high. The choose your adventure vibe plays into that Viking world.

Even the color schemes meld into the visuals that people have seen in the movie and television depictions. Boldly colored dragons are contrasted with the ready to battle Vikings. When it is all said and done, everyone can raise of glass of mead and share a good tale.

Lastly, it is interesting that Isle of Berk will feature a show. Although many Universal Studios fans love the humor in the Horror Makeup Show and the Bourne Spectacular has impressive visuals, large scale productions are not typical in the Universal Orlando entertainment. Smaller, pop-up moments are more common.

Adding The Untrainable Dragon, inspired by Universal Beijing Resort’s Untrainable show, this musical theater experience will have people lining up for a seat to watch dragons soar, not just get a break from the Florida heat. In a way, it captures what people love about the story in a way that the thrill rides and interactive experiences cannot.

More and more details on the various lands in Epic Universe will be revealed before its eventual opening in 2025. Which land will be next? Hopefully, someone has a spell that can reveal another piece of magic.

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