Is Madame Web worth the watch?

Bob Marley: One Love filled seats! Sony MCU is at it again releasing another solo Marvel property onto the silver screen.
Cassandra Webb/Madame Web (Dakota Johnson) in Columbia Pictures’ MADAME WEB.
Cassandra Webb/Madame Web (Dakota Johnson) in Columbia Pictures’ MADAME WEB. /

Madame Web opened Valentine’s Day following Sony-MCU films Venom, Let There Be Carnage to Morbius excluding the wall-crawling web-slinger. While Madame Web released alongside Bob Marley: One Love on the same day and screenwriter Diablo Cody's Lisa Frankenstein debuted a week ago. Is it worth enough to watch Madame Web?

 From the pages of Marvel comics and the 1994 Spider-Man animated series comes a high-speed pre-origin action-packed about the enigmatic, mysterious Spider-Man ally Madame Web. The film steals the attention of a 30-something New York City paramedic Cassandra ''Cassie'' Web played by Dakota Johnson until an incident while on the job Cassie develops the power to see the future. Now, on a mission to save three women (Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, Celeste O'Connor) bound for powerful destinies from a dangerous man (Tahar Rahim) who was in the Amazon with her mom when she was researching spiders right before she died.

The film addresses a few things right off bat from the start on who and what this new Sony-Marvel Cinematic Universe installment is for. 

If you're an avid Marvel Spider-Man Universe comic book reader and a fan of the 1994 Spider-Man animated show, this onscreen adaptation of the enigmatic, mysterious Madame Web since the character debuted in the later seasons of the animated Spider-Man show.

 This onscreen version of Madame Web since the animated show and the comics steer in another direction from S.J. Clarkson who is known for the Unaired Game of Thrones prequel. What fellow comic book readers know about Madame Web is somewhat direct from the source material but the final act will feel so familiar to a one-season canceled CW show and storytelling from the DC Birds of Prey.

This brings us to the question that was asked earlier, is it worth enough to watch Madame Web in theaters or wait until Madame Web arrives on digital and streaming platforms? 

The film will cause some confusion for audiences who are not familiar with Madame Web in the comics and the animated series, but this on-screen adaptation of the Marvel comic book character Madame Web strays away from some part of the Madame Web storytelling in comics that feels loosely based on in this film.

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