It's the return of Diablo Cody but is Lisa Frankenstein any different?

Focus Features' "Lisa Frankenstein" Los Angeles Special Screening
Focus Features' "Lisa Frankenstein" Los Angeles Special Screening / Eric Charbonneau/GettyImages

 The wait is over for the release of screenwriter Diablo Cody’s recent coming-of-age horror comedy. This is her return to form after last working in cinema in 2015. This is also the directorial vision of angsty goth girl storytelling in the hands of a new director in the form of Zelda Williams.

Is Lisa Frankenstein any different from the screenwriter’s previous films that Cody had written?

 With an awareness of the screenwriter’s 2007 coming-of-age comedy about an angsty high schooler and the joke in the film, Cody brings attention to the high school jock like the goth girl type. That 2007 teen comedy shows an example of Cody’s storytelling as a screenwriter and earned Cody an Academy Award for Juno in ''Best Writing of Original Screenplay." Jennifer’s Body did find a crowd years later since its initial release and the films that Cody has written the screenplay eventually find a crowd.

Cody’s 2012 film Young Adult follows the same pattern but through the lens of a successful female ghostwriter who returns to her hometown to win back her high school boyfriend. It is a familiar story from Juno and Jennifer’s Body screenwriter but told from an adult perspective. 

What is most intriguing about Diablo Cody as the most well-known screenwriter before Greta Gerwig, is how Cody became an Academy Award winner for ''Best Writing in Original Screenplay'' to today’s female screenwriters earn the chance to be nominated by the Academy for Original Screenplay and possibly of a win.

Returning to the question asked before, is Diablo Cody’s recent teen angsty horror comedy Lisa Frankenstein any different from Jennifer’s Body

  According to a recent article, Diablo Cody Says ‘Lisa Frankenstein' Takes Place In The Same Universe As ‘Jennifer's Body' will leave some audiences to stray away from the movie on the day that the film is released. Some might even wait until next week or possibly when Lisa Frankenstein arrives on a digital and physical copy and/or streaming.

Do you think Lisa Frankenstein will be a return to form for Diablo Cody? Let us know your thoughts!

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