Is Am I Okay? going to be Megan Moroney's best work yet?

Will "Am I Okay?" make Megan Moroney even bigger than she is?
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If there's one thing you might know about me, I love female country artists and someone I've come to really love recently is Megan Moroney.

Most people recognize her from her first single, "Tennessee Orange," and honestly, it's a great song. If that was your introduction to Megan Moroney, what a way to start things out. However, Moroney isn't just releasing singles and moving on.

For those who don't know, Megan Moroney released her debut album Lucky in May 2023 and it peaked at #10 on US Country Charts. Since then, it feels like Moroney's career has really taken off and the songs she's released between albums have been beloved including "No Caller ID," "28th of June" and "Man on the Moon."

Since fans have loved these singles even before the album, it feels like Am I Okay? is going to be an entirely new body of work for Moroney and thus make her an even bigger star.

Will Am I Okay? be continued greatness from Megan Moroney?

If you've read this far and haven't listened to Megan Moroney, you need to. She is one of those country singers who just dazzles when she starts singing. Plus she wears the most adorable outfits on stage, writes amazing songs, and brings girl power to the country scene. While there are plenty of great female country artists out there, Moroney is bringing that bubbly country princess vibe that a lot of us have been looking for.

With that being said, it does feel like Moroney is starting something new with Am I Okay? For those who listened to Lucky, it's a good album but doesn't have the same gravity as her current singles. if you look at something like "Indifferent," the sound is so different from her previous singles but her voice shines through and makes the song all the better. Plus it feels like another emo cowgirl moment and we're all here for it.

The other thing worth noting is that given how popular Moroney has gotten, she's gotten a bit more leeway to do something different. "Indifferent" was the example I used above, but "No Caller ID" has a more sad and melancholic feeling to it. Then you have the more upbeat and fun song with "Man on the Moon" and then another more serious tune with "28th of June." Truly, it feels like these singles have been all over the place, but that's what makes things so great.

Whether you're someone who is new to Megan Moroney, saw the promo for her new album, or just need something new to add to your playlist, it feels like Am I Okay? will be something fresh while also paying homage to Moroney's strengths. The only thing I want to note is that Megan Moroney has kept pretty mum about her album's tracklist, making me even more excited to finally listen to it fully on July 12th, 2024.

Until then though, we still have plenty of Megan Moroney's music to enjoy but trust and believe, Am I Okay? is going to be in the rotation upon its release.

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