Imagine Dragons Announce Loom World Tour with Exciting Lineup

Get ready for Imagine Dragons' Loom World Tour featuring Myles Smith, Jacob Banks, Cannons, eaJ, and Peter McPoland
Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons / Denise Truscello/GettyImages

Fancy that, the rock band Imagine Dragons have only recently declared the Loom World Tour, and fans have very good reasons to look forward to them. The tour is aimed at the promotion of their recent album, LOOM, which is already turning out to be one of the most anticipated musical albums of the year. Luckily, the band has mentioned that are going to invite great artists to perform with them, which increases the level of expectation.

Imagine Dragons' tour will feature Myles Smith, Jacob Banks, Cannons, eaJ who is an ex-member of DAY6, and Peter McPoland. These performers also have different styles in terms of energy and sound, which means that the concert one is going to attend is going to be quite entertaining and worthwhile to watch. Myles Smith has a soulful voice and deep lyrics that are centered on feelings, and Jacob Banks uses a strong voice with a deep beat. Cannons is more dreamy and synth-pop as compared to Imagine Dragons which is more rock, the two combining gives us the best of both worlds. Hawa Prom is inspired by K-pop songs while eaJ has a mixture of K-pop and an alternative rock touch and Peter McPoland has an indie-folk feel.

In this case, these groups had to include a third show in Salt Lake City in order to address the large turnout. This addition makes a lot of sense given that the band is incredibly popular and fans are always eager to watch this band perform. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended that you join their mailing list so that you can be sent the official pre-sale code for the tickets.

There are already trends that include #LOOMworldtour as more and more fans around the world look forward to the upcoming tour. It is also good to know that Imagine Dragons is a sensational band when it comes to live performances. Given such a firm backing, the Loom World Tour is certain to entice a sequence of magnetic performances.

Indeed, whether you are an old fan or you simply discovered Imagine Dragons, this is going to be a spectacular tour.

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