Alan Walker Announces Walkerworld 2025 European Tour with Exclusive Pre-Sale Gift

Alan Walker releases plans of his “Walkerworld” European tour with a bonus pre-order surprise.
Alan Walker
Alan Walker / Rune Hellestad - Corbis/GettyImages

Europeans, the famous DJ and music producer Alan Walker has good news for all his fans. Addressing his fans through Instagram, Walker declared that he will be going for a third European tour next dubbed ‘Walkerworld’; a concert that fans should look forward to.

In the post, Walker also stated his excitement in celebrating the third tour to Europe; this is what he wrote: “It’s time, Europe … Walkerworld is heading your way – and this is the third time.” Fans of this talented man will remember that he started his journey with the creation of productive music and is now one of the brightest and most popular representatives of electronic dance music.

The tickets for the tour go up this Friday, but there is more to expect from the OO Walker’s followers. The lucky listeners who successfully get their pre-sale tickets. On Spotify, fans will get a special Christmas surprise from the artist. Due to this announcement, fans have gone into a frenzy and are expecting to learn what this ‘gift’ is all about.

His Walkerworld tour has promised to include some of the hit tracks from the artist with some other new tracks to add to the performance. A singer well-known for his unique voice and eye-popping concerts, the latter are performances filled with music, technological effects, and impressive visuals.

As expectations increase, fans are already thronging the comment section of his Instagram post guessing and expressing excitement. Others think the gift with the implication might be some exclusive merch that Walker has, or new music before anyone else gets it, or a direct message from Walker. We won't spoil the surprise, though!

While interacting with fans, Alan Walker has always been the best at engaging them in the most interactive ways, and this tour is living proof of that. With the start of the countdown before the tickets are released, fans are anticipating the creation of “Walkerworld” to be able to go on a musical journey with Alan Walker.

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