How Girls On The Bus explain the onscreen female journalist trope

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Episode four of Max's journalism drama, Girls On The Bus ends with Sadie McCarthy (Melissa Benoist) booted off the presidential trail before coming clean to her editor, throwing her career into jeopardy. The fifth episode steers us to the easter egg that was shown at the end of last week's episode.

As of watching episodes 1-4 and now five, Girls On The Bus presents the onscreen female journalist trope from the four female representations but explains the double standards that women journalists face. These are shown on screen in a film and TV that Benoist character expressed closer to the end of episode five.

Without spoiling major plot points, each episode drops details about the different experiences women in journalism come to face. Episode four explains the point of view of Grace (Carla Gugino) when Gugino's character clashes with her daughter.

The inspiration for Girls On The Bus was penned from Amy Chozick's experiences as a journalist, especially a political reporter. It shows in the pilot to episodes 2-4 and five since Chozick serves as executive producer next to co-creator Julie Plec as well as showrunners Rina Mimoun, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Leigh London Redman, Marcos Siega, and Jesse Peretz.

The first few episodes of Girls On The Bus certainly propose many questions that female college students would have when studying journalism for their undergraduate degree. It is shown from the lens of Kimberlyn (Christina Elmore) and Grace (Gugino), while Sadie (Benoist) expressed this cultural issue in the newly released episode.

The fourth and fifth episodes shed light on how female journalists are presented on-screen to today's women in journalism. Given the state of where journalism is now, it shows the trials of writing for print/online news outlets, reporting through broadcast production, self-hosting a podcast, and developing a following on social media channels as a ''journalist''.

The Girls on the Bus will air its next episode on April 11th on Max.