Honeycut by Sierra Simone is a scorching and intense sequel

Sierra Simone delivers a heart-poundingly good sequel with Honeycut.
Honeycut by Sierra Simone. Image Credit to Bloom Books.
Honeycut by Sierra Simone. Image Credit to Bloom Books. /

Sierra Simone is one of those romance authors who can push the envelope in the best way so I was excited to start Honeycut.

For those who don’t know, some of Sierra Simone’s books were self-published but are now being published by Bloom Books. Last year, we got Salt Kiss and this year, we’re getting the follow-up: Honeycut.

While I don’t want to give too many spoilers about what happens in Salt Kiss, let’s just say that Honeycut starts off where the previous book left off. With all the drama, angst, and plot set up in Salt Kiss, there was no way Honeycut wasn’t going to be a seductive romp like the previous book.

I’d like to thank Bloom Books for sending me an ARC so I was able to read this one early and share my thoughts.

Honeycut is an intense sequel that will leave you wanting more.

Let me start by saying that I’m going to try not to spoil Salt Kiss and what happened. If that sounds vague, I’m trying not to share too many details. However, there are certain plotlines that are carried from the previous book so it’s just best if you’ve read it before reading this review.

With that out of the way, Honeycut started off with a bang but not in the way you might imagine as we’re learning more about Isolode. While the book focuses on Mark, Isolde, and Tristan, the first book felt like Tristan’s and this one feels like Isolde's. She’s such a complex character and the more we learned about her, the more complicated things got.

In learning the background of Isolde, the plot is also moving forward for both her, Tristan, and Mark as they’re all trying to figure out the best course of action for themselves. This is where Sierra Simone really shines because she’ll lead you one way before changing course and making you question everything you ever knew about these characters.

Of course, she brought her trademark steam and these scenes were extra hot. I feel like we all knew how these three were going to end up but honestly, some of the scenes had me blushing. I feel like that is Sierra Simone’s gift, though. She’s one of those authors who can have you blush with a spicy scene and then have you aghast over the plot on the next page.

If you’ve read Salt Kiss, then I feel like you’re going to enjoy Honeycut and it sets everything up for the final book in the series. As Sierra Simone said, the HEA is coming and truly, it couldn’t come fast enough.

Honeycut by Sierra Simone is out now where books are sold.

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