Harrison Ford isn’t just an iconic actor, he also knows how to make an elevated grilled cheese

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When you think of Harrison Ford what comes to mind? For a lot of us, it could be Han Solo from Star Wars or maybe Indiana Jones. Honestly, Ford has portrayed so many iconic characters that it is hard to narrow him down to just one role that we know him for.

But have you ever thought of him in the kitchen? All things considered, we never really thought of him as a cook. However, his son is in fact a chef. If you didn’t know, his son is Chef Ben Ford and Ben had plenty of interesting tidbits to share about his father, including the unique way he elevates a grilled cheese sandwich.

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, which falls on April 12, we might just make a sandwich the way Harrison Ford would. So how does he make a grilled cheese? According to Ben, in an interview done with Mashed, here is how his dad makes his grilled cheese.

"Grilled cheese has to start with the right bread and cheese. For Harrison Ford, this meant quality sharp cheddar cheese and whole wheat bread. However, Ford then added the secret ingredients: tomatoes and Worcestershire sauce. "

Ben Ford to Mashed

Harrison Ford adds Worcestershire sauce and tomatoes to his grilled cheese

Ben Ford: Harrison Ford
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According to Ben Ford, a big reason that his father has a bit of a flair in the kitchen is because he did work in the food industry when he was younger. And over the years he developed his skills in the kitchen, which makes sense if you’re having to feed your family. Having children definitely means getting creative in the kitchen, and of course it is also all about having those memories.

Ben did admit that his father‘s grilled cheese is not his favorite creation, as there is another food that he likes a bit more. However, he did admit that the nostalgia of the sandwich and it’s overall simplicity is what makes it so special. And we can’t blame him. There is something about a grilled cheese sandwich made by your parent that hits differently, especially when they do something a little bit different that you don’t normally get somewhere else.

Honestly, learning about how Harrison Ford makes his grilled cheese sandwich has us wanting to re-create the sandwich for ourselves. And I am such a big fan of a classic grilled cheese, that I would absolutely give this one a try. Of course, like Ben Ford, the best grilled cheese is the one that my father makes, so I guess I will have to wait and convince my father to make me a grilled cheese like Harrison Ford does it.

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