Grab the sunscreen and this awesome deal for Hersheypark

Don't skip out on this amazing summer deal from Hersheypark!
Hersheypark Night Image. Image Credit to Hersheypark.
Hersheypark Night Image. Image Credit to Hersheypark. /

If there's one place I plan a trip to every year, it's Hersheypark. Since I live somewhat close to it, it's always something I try to do once a year.

With that being said, you don't always have the extra to head there. Thankfully, the park tends to have deals every so often so you can save some money. For me, the one year I was able to get my tickets for the kids price which was a huge help.

For those planning a trip out there this summer though, this new deal is made for you. Priced at $99.00, this new Summer Fun Card allows you to make as many visits as you'd like during the summer season. For Hersheypark, the summer season runs from the date you purchase it until September 8th, 2024.

Whether you're a fan of coasters, live close-by or just know you're intending to be there a handful of times over the summer, this is a huge deal and one I couldn't help but share.

Hersheypark shares its new Summer Fun Card for a limited time.

The details shared on Hershey's website tell you everything you need to know: "Summer Fun Card price includes access to rides and entertainment, access to The Boardwalk from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and access to ZooAmerica only by entering through the Hersheypark bridge during public operating hours. Summer Fun Cards are valid for unlimited visits during any public operating day from date of purchase through September 8, 2024." As you can see, you'll be able to do everything you want for such a reduced price.

There is also an additional package that includes the price of parking which is $148.00. While it's somewhat more, you would save a lot of money on parking. No matter which you decide to go with, it's going to be cheaper. Given the price of everything, saving those couple of bucks will allow you to have even more fun.

Whether you're a first-time visitor headed to Hersheypark or have been there many times, you don't want to miss your chance at a Summer Fun Card. Coupled with all of the fun attractions, new rides, and tasty food, you won't be able to stop visiting so why not save some money?

Will you be purchasing one of the Summer Fun Cards for Hersheypark?

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