Get Into Breakdancing With Logan Edra And GoGo SqueeZ's New Collaboration

Logan Edra x GoGo squeeZ Collab. Image Credit to Michael Simon.
Logan Edra x GoGo squeeZ Collab. Image Credit to Michael Simon. /

For anyone who loves to breakdance, this is a collaboration you do not want to miss. GoGo squeeZ is joining forces with Logan "Logistx" Edra to make a name for themselves within the biggest sport of the season.

According to the official press release, this statement was made about the partnership,

""GoGo squeeZ has been my go-to snack for years and I'm so excited to help introduce more people to the new GoGo squeeZ Active with Electrolytes and to breaking. I know athletes of all kinds can relate to the feeling of pressure in competitive environments. Both Breakin' and GoGo squeeZ keep my journey fun and my spirit bright while dancing.""

Logan Edra

Breakdancing developed in New York in the 1970s, and has remained an integral part of dance culture. This collaboration between GoGo squeeZ and Logan Edra shows they understand their desire to grow the amount of participants or viewers of this growing activity.

But, they will not just be celebrating the fun of the sport. This partnership also teases a social media series where viewers can watch Logan Edra and other breakers worldwide showcase an exciting form of creativity. Utilizing rapper Connor Price's original song, "Trendsetter," Logan Edra and other breakers will showcase their dance moves. Everyone is welcome to join in. To check it out, follow along on GoGo squeeZ's Instagram.

According to the official press release, the GoGo squeeZ Chief Marketing Officer stated,

""Being active doesn't have to be complicated. The 'FUN-damentals' campaign is a fantastic example of our GoGo squeeZ objective to help simplify sports and turn physical activities into moments of fun and joy. We're thrilled to partner with B-Girl, Logan Edra, and support the way she moves, especially as the sport's audience widens this summer. From breakdancing to pick-up basketball, to a quick jog - the best way to stay active is to ensure you have fun while doing it.""

Mark Anthony Edmonson

Of course, GoGo squeeZ will also be actively revealing their new squeeZ Active with Electrolyte pouches. The pouches will include real fruit made with electrolytes.

Summer is all about getting out and having fun with your friends and family. So, why don't you try something new, and dive into the thrills, skills, and excitement that comes from breakdancing? It is mutually fun exercise and an enjoyable challenge. The best part of dancing in any form is having fun, regardless of that is in breakdancing, ballroom, or just being silly on the dance floor.

GoGo squeeZ's pouches active with electrolytes will encourage you to stay hydrated, be at your best, and have a good time over the summer in an activity you may not have thought of to do. Get outside the box, and breakdance your way through summer.

To combine one of the most exciting ways to exercise with a drink made to help keep you hydrated and keep your energy up and ready to keep going, this combination can only be a big win for a summer of unlimited possibilities.

Logan Edra and GoGo squeeZ's collaboration is inspired by the brand's 'FUNdamentals' campaign.

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