Funny Story feels like a fresh page for Emily Henry

Funny Story is the latest from Emily Henry and we have thoughts!
Funny Story by Emily Henry. Image Credit to Berkley.
Funny Story by Emily Henry. Image Credit to Berkley. /

The romance world has never been the same since Emily Henry joined the ranks. Every single release including Funny Story is highly anticipated.

Thankfully, the wait is over and Funny Story is finally in our hands. As someone who enjoys Emily Henry’s writing and stories, I was incredibly excited for this one.

While some romance readers have mixed feelings about her books, this one felt like a return to form for Henry. The premise is absolutely absurd and works in a way that only Emily Henry can pull off.

That’s why I’m so happy Berkley sent me an ARC to read early and could get a little bit ahead of the hype on this release from Emily Henry.

Funny Story feels like the start of something new for Emily Henry.

Given how much hype is around Funny Story, it’s hard to try to talk about everything without giving too much away. When going into an Emily Henry book, it’s best to know as little as possible so you’re willfully unprepared for the emotional bomb she’s going to drop on you.

With a title like Funny Story, this book does follow Daphne who gets dumped by her fiancé as he wants to be with his girl best friend. Peter kicks her out of their house and she ends up rooming with Petra’s former boyfriend, Miles. While it takes a while for these two to become friends, it eventually happens.

To try to make things more bearable, they agree to fake-date to prove to Peter and Petra that they’re moving forward. All in all, it seems like a foolproof plan until feelings get involved. I won’t give too much away on that end, but as with most Emily Henry stories, this book isn’t just about their relationship.

Daphne is trying to figure out life in a new city as she hasn’t been away from her mother much and she worries. She’s also dealing with a father who floats in and out of her life. Miles is also dealing with some family issues and at one point, takes his younger sister in. Frankly, this book doesn’t shy away from those topics and it ends up playing a factor in their relationship.

While this book doesn’t live up to the title's moniker of being funny, Emily Henry manages to pull off a compelling romance while juggling it with real-life elements. I don’t know how Emily Henry continues to do this with every single release. While Funny Story doesn't feel as romantic, I think this one will appeal to those wanting something more from their romance books.

Funny Story by Emily Henry is out now where books are sold.

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