When I Think of You is a star-studded romance debut

Myah Ariel deserves a standing ovation for When I Think of You.
When I Think Of You by Myah Ariel. Image Credit to Berkley.
When I Think Of You by Myah Ariel. Image Credit to Berkley. /

There are certain romance books I see and just know I’m going to pick up and enjoy. From the moment I saw the cover for When I Think of You, I just knew. 

Considering that this is also a debut, that was a massive gamble. Even so, Myah Ariel ended up having my back totally and to put it simply, I ate this book up. 

Whether you’re someone who loves movies, is craving more Black romance, or want to try a new release, When I Think of You is a great one. Since it’s a debut, it makes me even more excited for what’s next. 

I’d like to thank Berkley for sending me an ARC so I was able to read and enjoy this one a little early. 

When I Think of You is a romance that will make you feel cinematic. 

When I Think of You starts with us meeting Kaliya Wilson who is a down-on-her-luck receptionist at a film studio. Things immediately change when Kaliya comes face-to-face with her ex, Danny Prescott. The two were together in college until something broke them apart and from there, it’s been radio silence. 

Of course, Danny needs someone to help him with his newest project and he enlists Kaliya to help out. While things don’t go exactly to plan, they end up working in close quarters, and from there, it’s honestly like watching a great movie. Kaliya and Danny are trying to be professional as she wants to be taken seriously and he has a girlfriend yet the attraction is still there. 

All of this is set amidst us learning about their history while Danny is trying to direct a movie based on his parents’ love story. Danny’s parents are Hollywood royalty and honestly, you’ll be as equally sucked into their story. At its core, When I Think of You is also a love letter to cinema and the world of movie-making while also showcasing the reality of how the game is played sometimes. 

The book also doesn't shy away from some ugly things as Kaliya is constantly being berated and talked down to by her bosses at the studio, Danny’s girlfriend, and anyone who doesn’t take her seriously. Danny is also still processing some of his grief and the feeling attached to the death of his father. While this book was tough to read at times, the pacing and writing helped me to push through those tough moments. 

Overall, When I Think of You was a book I devoured and I frankly can’t wait for more from Myah Ariel. If you’re a movie buff, love Black romance, or want a new release to add to your TBR, then look no further than When I Think of You

When I Think of You by Myah Ariel is out now where books are sold.

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