Everand shares 5 unconventional ways to conquer the dreaded reading slump

Everand was kind enough to share their tips and tricks for getting over a reading slump.
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If you've never heard of a reading slump, you're lucky. Thankfully, those who have usually have one due to reading too much or loving something too much which can happen for Everand users.

After Everand reached out about writing up a guest post, I was way too excited to say yes. The company is known for its massive library of books, it was a no-brainer. Thankfully, they wanted to tackle something a lot of us readers struggle with and that's reading slumps.

The brand decided to share its best tips for helping to get over a reading slump and honestly, I'm in need of them. After a rough reading month in April, I'll take all the help I can get and thankfully, Everand has been here to help me out.

I'd like to not only thank Everand for writing up this post but also for gifting me a subscription. Since I'm in a slump, I haven't read nearly as much but I'm endlessly thankful and grateful for them. You might even see a recommendations post coming up soon about Everand titles but that's a post for another day.

Everand shares its best tips for breaking your reading slump.

Whether you're an avid reader or haven't touched a book in months (or even years!), the dreaded reading slump can feel insurmountable. You might feel spoiled for choice with the sheer volume of books available or simply unable to find one that resonates with your current mood. However, you're not alone in this struggle. Even the most voracious readers are prone to reading slumps from time to time. The key to overcoming these slumps lies in finding what brings you joy in reading. Instead of adhering to rigid reading norms, such as copying the latest #BookTok trend or following the advice of your undergrad English professor, we encourage readers to embrace what brings them the most enjoyment.

Here are five unconventional ways to break out of a reading slump that you may not have considered:

1. Build a Reading Nook for the Perfect Vibes

Just as authors create atmospheric settings for their stories, you can enhance your reading experience by creating a cozy reading nook. Whether it's a moody corner reminiscent of a dark academia novel or a nest of pillows and blankets, tailor your space to suit your preferences. Surround yourself with comforts like a comfy armchair, natural light, and your favorite beverages to set the perfect reading vibe.

2. Revisit an Old Favorite

Rediscover the magic of reading by revisiting an old favorite book. Returning to a beloved story that elicits laughter, tears, and cheers can reignite your passion for reading and remind you why you love to read in the first place. Consider purchasing your favorite book in e-book or audiobook format for easy access, ensuring it's always within reach to lift your spirits during a slump. That way, you’ll be guaranteed to have it forever – and it’llprobably be a bit cheaper, too, especially if you sign up for a subscription

3. Make it an Adventure

Adventures aren’t exclusive to the heroes of our favorite fantasy novels. Break the monotony of reading at home by taking your book on an adventure. Consider somewhere you’ve never been before, or at least haven’t been to in a while. Venture to a park, café, or book-themed establishment like the Book Club Bar in NYC for a change of scenery.  

Audiobooks are also great for when you want a change of scenery, allowing you to enjoy a story while on the go. And while doing the laundry or scrubbing the shower may not be an adventure, per se, listening to an audiobook while doing housework can help you get through a story in digestible chunks – and maybe make those chores a little more enjoyable.  

4. DNF and Start Something New

There’s no shame in DNFing a book that doesn’t resonate with you. Everyone has unique tastes, and just because your friends are gushing over the latest bestseller, it doesn’t mean you have to like it too. Reading is a highly personal experience that should first and foremost be enjoyable. People DNF television shows all the time without feeling a sense of guilt, so why can’t the same apply to reading? Readers should feel empowered to abandon books that aren't enjoyable without feeling obligated to finish them so they can discover something that truly speaks to them. Platforms like Everand give readers the freedom to DNF with millions of options to choose from if your current read isn’t working out.  

5. Embrace the Slump

Sometimes, the best way to overcome a reading slump is to accept it. Research shows that stepping away from a task for a while will help you come back with renewed energy and a fresh perspective. The case is no different for reading. Use this time to reflect on your reading preferences and rediscover what ignites your passion for books. 

While these suggestions offer unconventional approaches to overcoming a reading slump, remember that there are no hard and fast rules. The goal of overcoming a reading slump is to reengage with a hobby you love on your own terms. Whether you're building a cozy reading nook, revisiting old favorites, or embracing a break from reading altogether, prioritize what brings you joy. Ultimately, there's no wrong way to be a reader.  

As you can see, Everand shared some great tips and honestly, I couldn't benefited from these in April. Thankfully, it looks like the slump is almost busted for me. However if you're in the midst of a reading slump or feel meh about reading, these tips from Everand should help you.

While I've mentioned it previously, Everand also has a massive catalog of releases so no matter what you're in the mood for, you should be able to find it. As for me, I'm currently trying to work through Katee Robert's backlist and Everand has me covered on that front. Even if you're not a romance reader, the platform has all different genres and formats to choose from.

Once again, I'd like to thank Everand for sharing these tips with us and for gifting me a subscription. If you're looking to try out Everand, you can sign up for a trial on the website.

What do you think of these reading slump tips from Everand? Are you currently in a reading slump? Let us know!

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