Donkey Kong Country at Universal’s Epic Universe is a power up move for fans

Epic Universe Donkey Kong Country, photo provided by Universal Orlando
Epic Universe Donkey Kong Country, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

As the third Universal Epic Universe land revealed the Super Nintendo World has many people excited to put down the controller and journey through the green pipe to a colorful, interactive adventure. With the Donkey Kong Country area, the promise of earning that coveted golden banana will have people returning time and again for another heart-pounding adventure.

While each Epic Universe portal transports the guest to an immersive, imaginative world, one area has a touch of familiarity for Universal theme park fans. Although some areas of the Super Nintendo World have similarities to the Hollywood experience, the Epic Universe area will have people forgetting about the West Coast and loving the Florida-based concept.

After guests step through that green pipe, the vibrant, kinetic Super Mario world comes to life. The visuals might feel as if they popped off the gaming screen. Given that the Universal creative team knows how to turn a pixelated world into a totally immersive experience, guests might need a moment to recalibrate their senses. From the intricacies to the scale, everyone will want to soak in every little corner.

Of course, the experiences will have people running to stand in that queue. Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge blends augmented reality features with various scenes to transport riders into the world that they control with their video device. While no one is guaranteed to earn the checkered flag after each of these races, people will come back time and again to see if they can earn more points on their power-up bands.

For a family-friendly option, the Yoshi’s Adventure attraction gives riders a spectacular view of the area. With a variety of characters encountered on the journey, this ride is a great way to take a breather from all the action. Similar to the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride is the perfect spot to relax in Islands of Adventure and enjoy the view, Yoshi’s Adventure might be one of the hidden gems at Epic Universe.

Ready to head to the Golden Temple in Donkey Kong Country in Universal’s Epic Universe?

While some people might be familiar with the Super Mario attractions, Donkey Kong Country will draw video game fanatics for that epic experience. Highlighted by the Mine-Cart Madness ride, this lush jungle ambiance has many hidden gems to uncover.

Specifically, the Mine-Cart Madness ride might be the most anticipated option within this particular land. Transforming scenes and maneuvers used in the video games, this ride is unlike anything else in a Universal Orlando theme park.

According to the creative team, the Donkey Kong ride combines a “unique coaster design” with “an unprecedented ride system” to create the jaw dropping effects. From jumping over a gap to being blasted from a barrel, everyone’s jaws will be dropping from the moment the car leaves the station.

While many people love Mario and his friends, making Donkey Kong a feature is smart for Universal. The jungle theme invites a little escapism from the boldly colored, sensory intense Super Mario World. At the same time, the tropical vibe is juxtaposed with the intensity of the Mine-Cart Madness ride. It is a great example of what the Universal Creative Team does well - address every emotion, detail, and experience in a way that keeps guests engaged.

When will guests get to explore Donkey Kong Country and Super Nintendo World at Universal’s Epic Universe? The exact opening date has yet to be announced, but the portals will open sometime in 2025.

Be sure to watch for more Universal Orlando reveals over the next several months. Details on two remaining Epic Universe lands will be coming soon.

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