Curvy Girl Summer by Danielle Allen lives up to its amazing title

Curvy Girl Summer by Danielle Allen. Image Credit to Bramble.
Curvy Girl Summer by Danielle Allen. Image Credit to Bramble. /

There are certain romance authors who captivates you from the very start and Danielle Allen was that for me so I knew I had to read and review Curvy Girl Summer.

Allen has previously self-published some romances including Truth or Dare, Business Casual, and Cuffing Season. Since Truth or Dare was the first book of hers I read, I can confidently say that I knew she was eventually going to get a publishing deal.

For once, I was right about that and that’s where Curvy Girl Summer comes in. This book is being published by Bramble. I have to thank the publisher for not only putting this book on my radar but also sending me a finished copy.

Whether you’re someone who has previously read Danielle Allen or just saw the cover and couldn’t say no, then Curvy Girl Summer is the romance you need this summer.

Curvy Girl Summer lives up to its amazing title and more.

Before getting into my review, I wanted to share a few content warnings as this book deals with the loss of a sibling, the loss of a significant other, and the grief associated with that. If you’re sensitive to those topics, I’d steer clear of this book as it deals with that along with driving anxiety.

The book begins with our main character, Aaliyah hooking up with her ex and it becomes clear she made a mistake. Things get even worse when she overhears her family discussing how she’s going to be alone. Her uncle even threatens to withhold his gift for her if she shows up single to her birthday party.

Determined to avoid her mother’s matchmaking and uncle’s annoying attitude, she makes an online dating profile and goes on dates at the same bar. She eventually strikes up a friendship with the bartender, Ahmad. While he’s fine, she overhears that he’s married and it works to quell her crush until her dates end up getting worse and worse.

Eventually, Aaliyah can’t ignore her attraction to Ahmad as the two grow closer and closer. I don’t want to give away what happened with Ahmad but he isn’t actually married. As you might guess, things aren’t that easy and it honestly feels like a soap opera. I mean that in the most loving way because these two have everything happen and it makes for an entertaining and fast-paced read.

As much as I adored the relationship between Aaliyah and Ahmad, I wish she wouldn’t have been so quick to not trust him. They kept going back and forth and all I wanted to do was scream at them to actually talk. It felt like they were purposefully misunderstanding each other but sometimes, that’s how relationships go. Either way, it was still a fun and flirty romance that I know many will be adding to their beach bag.

Curvy Girl Summer by Danielle Allen is out now where books are sold.

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