Chris Young says that he would be open to collaborating with Beyonce

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For fans of country music, you may already know who Chris Young is. But if you are here for the Beyonce of it all, then the name might not be all that familiar. For anyone who doesn't know Young, he rose to fame after winning the fourth season of Nashville Star in 2006. Since then, he has given us such hits as "Famous Friends" with Kane Brown and "Gettin' You Home."

And while he may not have been one of Beyonce's collaborators on her new country album, Cowboy Carter, that doesn't mean he is not open to working with her in the future. According to Us Weekly, Chris Young was asked about Beyonce entering the world of country music. He not only gushed over her work, but he even made it clear that he has listened to the album (or at least some of the songs on the album) when he shared that he was a fan of Dolly Parton's intro to 'Jolene.'

Young specifically said, "I love the fact that she had Dolly do the intro." And it terms of wanting to collaborate with Beyonce, he told TMZ on April 4, "Tell her I’m here for her."

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Would you want to see Chris Young collaborating with Beyonce?

All things considered, we love seeing country singers coming out in support of Beyonce's new album. We also appreciate the fact that some of these artists are also offering to work with her in the future if she is open to it.

It would definitely be interesting to see Chris Young and Beyonce working together. While their sounds are definitely different, just the idea of having these two come together to sing a song like Young's "Tomorrow" or "What If I Stay" has me giddy for a future with Beyonce in country.

While we don't know exactly what Beyonce has in store for her fans just yet, we are loving her foray into country music. And we really hope she does more with some of the artists in the genre.

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