Beyoncé Shares Inspiration Behind New Album"Cowboy Carter" on Instagram

Beyoncé RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR - New York / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

On Tuesday, Beyoncé posted on Instagram, announcing the start of the 10-day countdown to her album “Act ii: Cowboy Carter” dropping on March 29th. The post reveals new album art with a caption that shares Beyoncé's inspiration behind the album.

This artwork is Beyoncé sitting sideways on a white horse. She’s wearing a cowboy red, white, and blue outfit with a sash that has the album’s name written across. Beyoncé's also wearing a white cowboy hat and her platinum blonde hair looks like it's blowing in the wind. She is holding an American flag in one hand and the other hand is holding the horse's reins.

 In the post’s caption, Beyonce acknowledges that she is the first Black woman to be number one on The Hot Country Songs chart.  She mentions this upcoming album has been 5 years in the making. Her album was inspired by her experience of feeling unwelcomed in the country music space. This inspired her to take a deep dive into the history of Black people's contribution to the country music s

Because of this negative experience, Beyonce is using this album as her space to blend genres and to get outside the box musically. Beyonce tells us, “ This ain’t a country album. This a ‘Beyonce’ album." In Renaissance Act I, Beyoncé added her touch to house music and she will do the same with country.

Beyoncé is not the first artist to have left the country space because they felt uncomfortable. T-Pain has written a lot of country songs but has asked to be not associated with some of them because of the accusations of racism that came out after. Grammy-award-winning country artist Maren Morris left the country space after feeling like country music was being used as a weapon in the culture war during the Trump years.

Beyoncé also tells us there will be some surprises and cool collaborations on the album. The Beyhive has a lot to look forward to.

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