Bridesmaid For Hire is an excellent beach read by Meghan Quinn

Meghan Quinn gives us the ultimate vacation vibe with Bridesmaid for Hire.

Bridesmaid for Hire by Meghan Quinn. Image Credit to Bloom Books.
Bridesmaid for Hire by Meghan Quinn. Image Credit to Bloom Books. /

There are some authors who started on Amazon and became stars. One of those is Meghan Quinn who is also publishing with Bloom Books.

While Bloom has republished some of her books, the one we’re talking about just came out and that’s Bridesmaid for Hire. This is a new rom-com from Quinn and it’s such a charming one for the springtime season.

As someone who hasn’t read much Meghan Quinn, I was notably hesitant to go into this one and see if this author lived up to the hype. Plus it’s a rom-com which was something I was in the mood for at the time.

With that being said, I’d like to thank Bloom Books for sending me an ARC so I could share my thoughts and feelings with you.

Bridesmaid For Hire is a vacation read from Meghan Quinn.

Even though I haven’t read much Meghan Quinn, I did know about her as she’s an Amazon darling. Her books are always on the Kindle charts and she’s incredibly popular so I feel like I had a right to be nervous.

Even so, Bridesmaid for Hire is such a fun and fast-paced read. The story follows Maggie who is on vacation and things are going great until she ends up in a scheme with her brother’s best friend, Brody. The two decide to fake-date as a way to advance their careers by befriending the Hoppers. While Maggie instantly charms everyone, Brody has a much tougher time.

Considering that it’s set on vacation, I feel like Bridesmaid for Hire is the ultimate book to bring on vacation. You have some funny moments, some sexy moments, and even, some utterly romantic moments that’ll have you swooning. While things did feel a little bit stale around the midway point, the book did pick up steam towards the end.

While the book might seem daunting, Meghan Quinn’s writing is easy to get into so you’ll be halfway through before you know it. Plus the cover is adorable and great for those traveling to a wedding. However, let’s just hope that your date doesn’t succumb to the same fates that Brody did the entire book.

All in all, Bridesmaid for Hire is a fun book with an adorable romance and plenty of spice. If you have room in your beach bag, then I say snag a copy and bask in the sun while you gobble up this romance. Plus there’s also a callback to one of Meghan Quinn’s other series so if you’re a fan, you’ll get a kick out of that.

Bridesmaid for Hire by Meghan Quinn is out now where books are sold.

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