Beetlejuice 2 Teaser Trailer is Loose

BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE | Official Teaser Trailer / Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures has dropped the official teaser trailer of Tim Burton's long-awaited sequel to Burton's 1988 comedy-horror Beetlejuice. The teaser trailer hits home to 36 years of nostalgia since the first Beetlejuice film was released and checks off the boxes on what to expect from a Burton's Beetlejuice sequel.

As a favorite of Burton's 1988 horror comedy, not much is spoiled for the plot in the teaser but there is a high level of hope that this sequel will succeed in the Box Office. However, there is a thread of doubt and suspicion regarding whether this anticipated sequel would be a financial success due to the history of sequels.

Who is returning?

Years earlier it was announced that Michael Keaton was attached to return to his 1988 role as Beetlejuice following news headlines about Winona Ryder reprising her character as Lydia Deetz and soon Jenna Ortega was cast as the daughter of Ryder's character in addition to Catherine O'Hara reprising her role as Delia Deetz.

The original cast of 1988 Beetlejuice had Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin but joining this sequel alongside those mentioned includes Poor Things Willem Dafoe. There are not many details on who Dafoe playing according to IMDb.

What is different about this Beetlejuice?

The last time Keaton played this rambunctious spirit and the only glimpse showed Keaton's Beetlejuice nailing the deep-throated Beetlejuice's voice that first debuted on screen 36 years ago when Beetlejuice says "The Juice is loose!" directly to Ryder's character.

What do we know about Winona Ryder's Lydia Deetz?

This Lydia Deetz is no longer a teenager but not much is shown in the teaser and the only thing that is revealed is her color of choice in clothing and hair while standing next to Ortega who is not all dressed in black. This sequel will capture the mother-daughter dynamic as the first Beetlejuice film did. Overall, the teaser trailer is too soon to tell whether the follow-up will sway audiences to book tickets in advance.

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