Arnold Palmer Spiked shares giveaway and new variety pack

Arnold Palmer Spiked wants to make sure you have fun, on and off the green.
Arnold Palmer Spiked Image. Image Credit to Molson Coors.
Arnold Palmer Spiked Image. Image Credit to Molson Coors. /

If there's one thing that will make me like a drink, it's Arnold Palmer. That's why I had to cover this new giveaway and variety pack from Arnold Palmer Spiked.

For those who are excited about a giveaway, we have all the details you need to know. Thankfully, it's incredibly simple and gives you a chance to make your summer plans even sweeter. All you have to do is follow the Arnold Palmer Spiked Instagram and tag one of your favorite golf crew members from there.

From there, it's a waiting game to see if you end up winning. However, you can still grab a few packs of Arnold Palmer Spiked to help pass the time. Of course, the brand recently dropped two new flavors and even dropped a variety pack.

Whether you're a golfer or not, Arnold Palmer Spiked will make sure you're ready to hit the green or spend time, sipping by the pool as summer closes in.

Arnold Palmer Spiked should be your new summer accessory.

Arnold Palmer Spiked 12 oz Cans 12 pk
Arnold Palmer Spiked Variety Pack Image. Image Credit to Molson Coors. /

Thankfully, the Arnold Palmer Spiked lineup is full of some amazing flavors and comes in cans so it's easy to drink while you're lounging. With that being said, let's break down the flavors which start with Original. Made with lemonade and iced tea with a spiked twist, this one is a great place to start if you're new to Arnold Palmer Spiked. There is also an Arnold Palmer Spiked Lite version for those wanting the same flavor without the calories.

Moving onto some flavored options, you can get Arnold Palmer Spiked Strawberry, Arnold Palmer Spiked Raspberry, and Arnold Palmer Spiked Mango. The brand knew what they were doing because all of these flavors sound absolutely amazing and would be great even if you aren't playing golf. You could have some during your next girl's night, at a barbeque this summer, or even, while you're listening to The Tortured Poets Department. As someone who is a Swiftie and loves an Arnold Palmer, I get it.

Ultimately, the Variety Pack gives you everything you might be looking for and allows you to try all of those Arnold Palmer flavors. Thankfully, the Variety Pack comes with 12 cans so you can either have a few at a time or enjoy sharing them. If you're already a fan of a regular Arnold Palmer, then I feel like this has the potential to be a new favorite boozy alternative for you.

Will you be trying some Arnold Palmer Spiked this summer? Let us know!

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