Allison Winn Teases What To Expect From Fetch New Mean Girls

Allison Winn Photo. Image Credit to Corey Hayes.
Allison Winn Photo. Image Credit to Corey Hayes. /

Mean Girls was a smash hit when it was initially released in 2004. Since then, a Broadway show, and now, 2024's musical film reboot will add on to the film's legacy. Allison Winn is one of the newest additions to the growing franchise as she steps up to the plate taking on the role of Caroline Krafft. Caroline Krafft was a decathalon opposition for Cady in the original movie. Allison Winn teases what to expect from her character, the potential differences that may arise in response to the twenty-year age gap between the two films, and how this new addition offers a new set of references specific to 2024.

What was the audition process for Mean Girls like?

Mostly, from self-tape and pretty traditional. They gave us sides and then I didn't hear for a while and then about a month later I got the call that I got it.

Have you been a fan of the original Mean Girls?

Yes! Big fan. I can quote probably about ninety percent of the lines in the movie.

What can fans expect of this new version of the movie?

I think in a lot of ways, Tina Fey has hit the refresh button on the original story where you'll recognize a lot of it, some new twists, and some new updates that are a little more relevant to 2024 specifically as opposed to 2004.

What can you tease about your character?

So, I think you'll recognize the setting, but you won't necessarily recognize the tactics that Caroline Krafft takes this time to try to win.

How is this movie different from the original and from the Broadway show?

I haven't seen the whole thing either but from what I've experienced, it's a good blend of the two and then it also has its own thing also.

How is Mean Girls different from other projects that you have worked on?

It's a musical. I've never been in a musical film before. So that's very cool. It's gonna be really exciting to be a part of something where everyone's gonna break out into song and dance, and even how they approach that is different. It's just a lot snazzier and it was a lot of fun to be a part of.

How did you get into acting?

So I started in dance growing up and then I eventually went to college for musical theatre and after graduating, I sort of also started auditioning for TV and film and for plays, and that was what I loved the most and I started focussing and zeroing in on that.

What is your favorite type of project to work on?

I really love period-pieces. Anything that involves corsets, big skirts, or mad men, or I also love horror and thriller. Anything where the stakes just feel a little bigger than reality, I really like.

What are your passions outside of acting?

I love to write. Love photography. I am a yogi, and love reading. I love exploring, I love traveling when I can but I also love New York, where I live and just sort of spending a day, any free time that I have, to get to know New York a little bit better.

What is either your favorite genre or genre that you would like to be invovled with more?

I would love to be in a screwball comedy.

Mean Girls arrives in theaters on Friday, January 12th.

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