Is Mean Girls Musical’s permanent Broadway shutter only the beginning?

Broadway’s Mean Girls Musical was taken down by a bigger Apex Predator.

A recent announcement revealed that Mean Girls Musical will not return to Broadway. With New York stages still dark since March 2020, the fate of the Broadway performances remains uncertain. Could this announcement be the start of many?

As reported Broadway World, the popular adaption of the popular Tina Fey movie will not return to the August Wilson theater whenever New York theaters reopen their doors. The last performance was on March 11, 2020.

Recently, parts of the cast performed during the modified Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Additionally, a movie version of the musical is in the works, a London production is scheduled, and a national tour is available.

As this announcement hit many musical fans hard, the news could be just a start. While the Tony Awards have been indefinitely postponed and Frozen, the Disney Musical, will not reopen, other productions might face the same fate. There can only be so many more months that productions remain silent.

New York theaters tend to have tight spaces. The idea of social distancing in a theater takes away from the true theater experience. It is more than just the performers on the stage. It is the collective moment of everyone involved.

Although some productions have continued to push back their opening dates and are still looking to return to the stage, it begs the question how long can they wait. While the New York theater community longs for the return to the stage, many productions rely on tourists coming to Broadway. Without the return to robust travel in New York City, the theaters will continue to struggle.

While touring productions, live streams, and other adaptive performances are giving theater fans the opportunity to stay connected to the stage. Still, those options are not the same as basking in the glow of the Great White Way.

Some people believe that this extended hiatus could spark much creativity in the theater world. Although there has been a spike in jukebox musicals and adaptations, original works could find a new spot on the stage. More importantly, theater fans wanting to see performances could give them a bigger audience.

For now, theater fans will have to wear pink on Wednesdays at home. Still, everyone has that little piece of prom tiara to remember the experience by.

Do you long to see a live Broadway show? When do you think that Broadway will reopen its doors?