All American Offers An In-Depth Conversation About Layla's Mental Health

All American -- "Ludacrismas" -- Image Number: ALA501c_0536r.jpg -- Pictured: Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating -- Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW -- (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
All American -- "Ludacrismas" -- Image Number: ALA501c_0536r.jpg -- Pictured: Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating -- Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW -- (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

All American makes an important move when it came to trying to make sure it followed through on important topics. Throughout season six, the discussion surrounding Layla's mental health has been a consistent key storyline. Her medication had been making her feel numb rather than helping her, and in "Kids See Ghosts," Layla finally reaches a breakthrough surrounding the trigger that has been stopping her medication from working.

Finally seeing a therapist, Layla is initially determined to find someone who can help her come off medication in a healthy way. Except, her new therapist determines it may not be that simple. Instead, she pushes Layla to get to the root of where her emotional responses changed, which happens to match up with Jordan's proposal.

Layla and Jordan had been a mostly happy and thriving couple. With each obstacle the duo has faced, they have come out the other side flourishing. So, for the therapist to suggest that being engaged to Jordan could be a trigger against Layla's mental health has her immediately stating that Jordan is not the problem and Layla is not wrong, except there was still buried trauma that Jordan's proposal did trigger, even if it was subconscious.

In an exercise to understand where Layla's struggle is coming from, she must re-visit a time in her life that Layla has worked so hard to move beyond, which happens to be her mother's struggle with depression. Not only is it heartbreaking that Layla is still feeling the aftermath years later, but "Kids See Ghosts" kicks it up a notch, having Layla recall her memory by seeing herself and Jordan as Layla's parents in a moment where Layla's father begged her mother to get out of bed, and Layla's mother admitted to feeling nothing for Layla's father or Layla.

It is a devastating moment and one that Layla had apparently placed behind a wall to never think back on as a child. But, it is also one that helps to connect to a lot of Layla's apprehension surrounding her and Jordan's engagement. Layla's concerns stem from her and Jordan becoming her parents one day, where Layla's depression has grown while Jordan has no clue how to help her.

Except, Jordan and Layla are not her parents. As emotional as that memory is, Layla can also see the differences between hers and Jordan's in comparison to that of her parents. Upon reaching such an important conclusion, All American follows through with an integral, healthy conversation where Layla is honest about recognizing where her inner conflict surrounding their engagement comes from.

Rather than fight her on it, Jordan shows his supportive side by offering Layla an out, because he would rather her feel better in any way he can help rather than force her to do something that is hurting her.

Jordan has admitted in the past to not personally understanding Layla's state of mind and just desperately trying to help her in whatever way he can. But, for Layla to acknowledge the significance of accepting help and both of them agreeing to give Layla the time she needs to make sure she is not bringing these concerns into their marriage gives this duo a stronger foundation for their future.

Making sure to give Layla and Jordan open communication surrounding Layla's mental health journey ensures that they are able to work together and help each other by being a solid and supportive partner.

In a different emotional storyline, "Kids See Ghosts" also brought back Billy Baker. Rather than a flashback, Billy's return has him voicing the letters he wrote to Olivia and Jordan, and the journal entries he had written about Spencer. Billy never overstays his welcome, and he is never underused.

"Kids See Ghosts" uses Billy the perfect amount in a way that inspires Olivia, Spencer, and Jordan to handle the rising conflicts in their lives and offer a sense of closure that they may not have gotten previously.

For Olivia, it means finally sending her completed novel of Billy's life after hesitating. Reading her father's letter gives her the strength to hit send and recognize that just because her role in writing the book is over does not mean she is losing her father all over again. It just means that she gets to conitnue sharing him with the world.

In Spencer's case, his work with Deon had Spencer taking on Billy's role of looking after a smart but angry teenager. Spencer is in over his head in trying to understand the best way to help Deon, and Billy's thoughts on the best way to handle Spencer when Spencer had initially moved in with the Baker family helped him get the answers he needed, which included talking to Deon's sister, the person who knows Deon best, just as Billy had spoken to Grace about Spencer.

After reading his father's letter, and a betrayal from Coach Mac, Jordan takes Billy's words to heart and makes a bold statement. Jordan had initially been so excited about Coach Mac and to finally be someone's guy. But, Coach Mac revealed his true colors when he made a comment discussing players who would wash out if they left college for the NFL early after Jordan had asked to discuss his future prospects with Coach Mac.

Rather than accept Coach Mac's claims, Jordan makes a grand declaration of his own, making it clear he stands behind Coach Kenny because Kenny cares about the team as people, rather than viewing them as numbers to gain wins. Coach Kenny saw Jordan as a game-winning puppet rather than a man with his own future ahead of him. Coach Mac had been a problem all season, and Jordan is refusing to allow someone else to pull the strings of his life.

"Kids See Ghosts" beautifully tackled an an array of storylines and relationships that brought closure for some and opened doors for others.

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