5 Peacock original shows that deserve a second viewing

BASED ON A TRUE STORY -- "The Great American Art Form" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kaley Cuoco as Ava, Chris Messina as Nathan -- (Photo by: PEACOCK)
BASED ON A TRUE STORY -- "The Great American Art Form" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kaley Cuoco as Ava, Chris Messina as Nathan -- (Photo by: PEACOCK) /

Even though original, scripted broadcast programs are set to make their return, Peacock's original shows have kept people glued to their screens with unique, creative stories and powerful performances. Whether watched over a weekend or cautiously savoring each episode, these television shows are highly entertaining.  

Although the streaming service offers a one-stop shop for NBC, Bravo, and other NBCUniversal properties, the Peacock original programming takes risks. From real-life stories turned into medical dramas to twisted, complex tales, the screen engages the viewer and keeps them coming back for more.  

Based on a True Story 

When this dark comedy debuted on Peacock, true crime podcast enthusiasts could relish in the twists and turns in Based on a True Story. The murder and mayhem caused many a gasp, but it was the humorous moments that kept people engaged. Appreciating how and why a couple could become entangled in this scheme made it an easy show to binge watch.  

Dr Death Season 2 

While medical miracles fill desperate patients with hope, Dr Death season 2 divulges the tale of Paulo Macchiarini. The story of his artificial tracheas warns people of medical hubris. Even if there is a redeeming thought that could be unburied in this medical nightmare, the reason to watch is not about the gruesomeness of the doctor’s quest. Rather, it is the medical professionals who sought to bring the travesties to light. It might not be the medical miracle promised, but it reaffirms the hope in the system.  

Mr. Monk’s Last Stand 

Monk has been a favorite television character for decades. While his curious behaviors could be a topic for a lifetime of psychiatric journals, no one can discount his deductive abilities. In Mr. Monk’s Last Stand, the twists and turns are many. Without losing any of the iconic humor people have come to expect, there are quite a few poignant moments. It is one of the reasons why this character endears himself to audiences.  

Mrs. Davis 

In a world where AI influences what people see, read, and hear, what would happen if people question that all-knowing being? Although some of the moments of Mrs. Davis might be a little too over the top, it does make people question why that new reel based on a recent conversation just popped up on the screen. It might not be a Big Brother is listening scenario, but it is definitely not an isolated case.  

The Traitors 

On reality television, everyone loves a good villain. From Scandoval to Reality Von Tease, the person crafting a web of lies to their advantage makes for great entertainment. Unfortunately, those scenarios are real life, but The Traitors is a game. All that deception is put to good use in this Peacock original. In the first season, reality television stars joined with regular people to battle to solve the clues. For season 2, the cast features more reality television stars. Grab the popcorn, a glass of wine, and a cheat sheet. This show is better than playing Clue.  

Looking for more Peacock Original programming? These shows, as well as new ones, like Ted, as well as NBC, Bravo, and other NBCUniversal properties can be streamed on the platform.