5 Must have spices from The Spice House to try this summer

New Year, New Launch from The Spice House - Introducing Green Goddess Dressing Mix!
New Year, New Launch from The Spice House - Introducing Green Goddess Dressing Mix! /

Summer is here and with the heat comes the desire for fresh produce, lighter meals, and delicious offerings. From brunch to summer snacking, there is something to be said for the perfect spices.

When it comes to spice brands, there may seem like a lot to choose from, but if you want unique flavor profiles, a fresh approach to elevating your meals, and high quality ingredients every time, then you need to give The Spice House a try. And if you are looking for some suggestions for which spices to add to your cart, we have you covered.

From spices that are perfect with fresh roasted and grilled veggies, to salad ready options, these are our top five picks for must have summer spices from The Spice House.

5 spices that are perfect for summer from The Spice House

Yuzu Citrus Salt

Yuzu Citrus Salt is an unexpected delight from The Spice House. This blend of salt, sugar, and yuzu adds something interesting to vegetables, salads, and even cocktails and beer. It is perfect over fresh fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe, and even adds a bit of a zesty zing to your summer salads. We tried this one over zucchini that was being baked with mozzarella, parmesan, and breadcrumbs and it was a real delight in place of classic salt.

Cacio e Pepe

If you love Italian food and enjoying cooking things up at home, then this spice is a must have for your cabinet. While this might scream Italian, there are other ways to utilize this blend of pepper and Romano cheese. This one is perfect over veggies and as a topping on garlic bread, as well as with eggs. It is, of course, perfect with pasta and even as a part of a crumb topping over baked macaroni and cheese. Honestly, this might just be an all year long seasoning mix and that's okay too.

Green Goddess

If you are a fan of salad, then you are likely already familiar with Green Goddess dressing. This dressing inspired spice mix not only allows you to create your own dressing at home, but it is also a nice mix to add to dips and other dishes. This is definitely a salad friendly spice mix and one that is perfect all summer long.

Lemon Pepper

Lemon pepper might be a classic spice blend, but it is also one that can in fact be done wrong. Luckily, The Spice House knows what they are doing and always deliver high quality and fresh ingredients that perfectly come together every time. And this is no exception. Their lemon pepper spice mix is a perfect rub over chicken wings or even a loin of pork, and it adds to any meal with ease. This is a spice that is not just perfect for summer, but when we think of summer there is something about lemon that just makes sense.

Brisket of Love

Barbecues are a big part of summer and what better way to enjoy a season of grilling than with some brisket. This spice mix is a blend of everything from paprika and sugar to salt and Worcestershire, all the things that will transform your meat from drab to fab. This blend is perfect on all types of meat including chicken and pork and it is perfect for anything that is hitting the grill this summer. This is a summer must have, even if most of the meat is heading into the oven.

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