See this fun and unique gift guide for the man in your life

Kit Kat Wafer Bar Yardstick. Image Credit to Hershey's.
Kit Kat Wafer Bar Yardstick. Image Credit to Hershey's. /

Picking out a gift for the person you love isn’t easy and shopping for men can be even harder but this gift guide is here to help.

For Valentine’s Day, I focused on books to gift the man in your life, and this year, I’m broadening my horizons by focusing on more. This time, we’re focusing on more practical items and things men don’t tend to buy for themselves.

This can be a lot of items but the things I’m including are some practical items such as clothes, tools, and even, some snacks. I mean no one wants to go hungry this Christmas and I think there’s nothing better than adding a little something extra into your favorite guy’s stocking.

Whether you’re shopping for your husband, your brother, or your dad, no doubt one of these items is sure to make it into your shopping cart for 2023.

This gift guide is the helping hand you need for shopping for your favorite guy.

Let’s start with something I knew I had to feature on this list and that’s Manmade. The brand did reach out to me and shared a product with me which is the Manmade’s Boxer Brief. Made by men with men in mind, you can’t go wrong with grabbing some underwear. Guys will act like they don’t want them but wear that all the time.

Underwear is just one of those things men don’t tend to buy for themselves. If they do, they wear them until they’re ragged. You can also find entire gift sets on the brand’s website, too if you’re looking for a bit more. Either way, this is such a good idea that I had to feature it.

Hershey’s KISSES Grinch Foils Party Bag. Image Credit to Hershey’s. /

Moving onto some snacks, I do have some experience in this department as I have a nephew who LOVES snacks. Whether small or tall, you can go wrong in grabbing something from Hershey’s Online Shop. There are SO many different candies to pick from including Reese’s Direct from the Factory, multiple different flavors of KISSES, or even, some Hershey’s Dipped Pretzels.

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Hot Ones Season 22 Lineup for the Holidays. Image Credit to Heatonist. /

If you’re shopping for a spice lover, you might think about ordering some hot sauce from Heatonist as the brand has plenty of different hot sauce options. These are also great for just putting in a stocking or gifting outside of the holidays. There’s no shortage of different flavors either which made it an easy pick for this gift guide.

Another company that reached out was Carved which was a company started in 2011 and is still going strong. The company makes a lot of great products but the two that came to mind are a phone case and a pocket knife. These are two items that most men carry with them and are something they’ll always use or need at some point. There are tons of designs and styles to choose from too so there’s no way you won’t get your money’s worth with this purchase.

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to feature books but I had to feature one. For this year, I decided to go with Mister Magic by Kiersten White. This is a supernatural thriller following a group of kids who reunite as adults and share memories of their time on a popular child’s show. This book is ridiculous, absurd, and one of the craziest things I’ve read this year so I know this one will bring up a lot of conversation.

Last but not least, I wanted to feature a brand in general and that’s Carhartt. Every guy I know loves being gifted stuff from this brand. Whether you’re grabbing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or even a part of coveralls, this is the ultimate gift. While it might not be for every guy on your list, those who enjoy it will appreciate this gift more than you know.

Guys aren’t easy to shop for but hopefully, this gift guide helped you out a little. I tried to focus on more practical items and not featuring the same old things. Either way, I’d love to know if this helped you or at least, was a good jumping-off point for you.

What will you be grabbing to gift this holiday season? Let us know if this gift guide helped you! 

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