Bloody Heart is a hidden gem from Sophie Lark’s Brutal Birthright series

Bloody Heart by Sophie Lark. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books.
Bloody Heart by Sophie Lark. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books. /

Sophie Lark is one of those romance authors who can write a trope I don’t enjoy and make me like it. That’s exactly what happened with Bloody Heart.

Thus far in the Brutal Birthright series, we’ve watched as she tackled lots of different tropes, featured unique relationships, and made me question myself. I mean that in the best way as a good book can make you do that.

If you’ve read the series, then you’ve been waiting to finally read Dante’s book. He’s part of the Gallo family and he’s notoriously stoic. However, things get intense as Dante meets a blast from the past aka Simone, and from there, it’s all over with.

All in all, Bloody Heart is such a massive surprise in the Brutal Birthright series and might be exactly what you’re not expecting from Sophie Lark.

Bloody Heart is a big surprise from Sophie Lark in the best way.

I’d like to thank Bloom Books for putting this one back on my radar. I binged the first five books in this series in 2022 over the summer and what a treat it was. I remember specifically having a very strong reaction to Bloody Heart.

As mentioned, this book is Dante’s story as he reconnects with Simone. The way the story was written was what sucked me in. We’re seeing the two reconnect as adults but also as teenagers which was so much fun. Seeing them drift apart is even harder and when we find out why, it’s such a heartbreaking moment.

Even so, Sophie Lark made me love the trope she decided to employ here. It made a lot of sense which sometimes is the big problem. I won’t get too deep into that trope as it’s not mentioned in the synopsis. Regardless, it’s a very popular and largely polarizing trope so if you want to know, then you’ll have to go digging.

Dante and Simone deal with so much throughout this book that you’re just begging for their happy ending to get there. Trust me, Sophie Lark doesn’t pull any punches and makes these two earn every bit of their HEA. Then again, that’s what makes it such a rewarding read and an underrated standout within the Brutal Birthright series.

While Bloody Heart doesn’t seem to get as much love as the others in this series, I do think it’s worth picking up. Plus if you’re reading the series, you should be reading it in order. It’ll make a lot of sense and honestly, feels so satisfying to read it that way. Of course, I’m still waiting to read the final book so what do I know? As for Bloody Heart though, you can take my word on it.

Bloody Heart by Sophie Lark is out now where your favorite books are sold.

Will you be picking up a copy of Bloody Heart? Do you have a favorite book in the Brutal Birthright series?

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