See these popular Winter Wedding TikTok trends for 2023 and beyond

Warm up with an adult hot chocolate.Machine Shed Adult Hot Chocolate
Warm up with an adult hot chocolate.Machine Shed Adult Hot Chocolate /

Weddings are always such a magical thing and having one in the winter is becoming more and more popular.

Thankfully with the birth of TikTok, nothing is as expected and that’s where Aura Print comes in. The experts dove deep to look into some winter wedding trends from TikTok.

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or are helping to plan someone else’s big day, the brand shared some of the biggest Winter Wedding Trends for this year. I feel like a lot of these are fun and are great for helping those who need some inspiration.

While some dream of their big day or have a vision, others are just going with what their heart wants at the moment so let’s break down these fun trends.

These Winter Wedding TikTok trends are big for 2023 and 2024.

Let’s start with a trend I’d absolutely love and one I’d use if I was having a winter wedding. A hot chocolate bar is the #1 trending item for weddings this year and rightfully so. These are great if you’re having younger guests or if your celebration goes into the evening. It’s nice to have something warm to enjoy when it’s getting colder outside.

The next trend is one I haven’t seen before and it’s a wedding scarf. Adding a scarf will not only compliment your dress but keep you warm. Even if you’re having it inside, no doubt you’ll want to get some pictures outside. You can add a scarf for a pop of color or for a fun accessory to match the groom. Either way, this is such a unique trend.

Next up is a crystal wedding. If you don’t know, crystal weddings use crystal and gemstones in your decor. You can use these aesthetics for everything from the guest tables to your wedding invitations and even as a way to incorporate your wedding colors. Whether you’re looking for a certain color or not, crystals and gemstones are a great and cheap idea.

The fourth most popular winter wedding trend is serving winter mocktails. If you’re looking to serve some non-alcoholic offerings, having some winter-themed mocktails is a great idea. Whether you’re using apple cider, sparkling grape juice, or some sparkling water, you’re bound to find some tasty and non-alcoholic offerings for your winter celebration of love.

Last but not least at the 5th spot is Snow White Wedding. Using the Disney classic as inspiration, this is all about being enchanted and romantic. Throw in a dash of vintage and you’ll be set. In addition, you could use the forest and other greenery to invoke similar feelings. This is another trend I’ve never heard of but is absolutely beautiful.

What are some winter wedding trends you’ve noticed? Let us know your favorites and thank you to Aura Print for sharing this data with us!

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