Add some color this winter with the help of St. Moriz tanning products

St Moriz Launches Two NEW Self Tan Products At Ulta
St Moriz Launches Two NEW Self Tan Products At Ulta /

When it comes to the colder months of the year, we know that for some of us, that means pale skin that isn’t getting enough sunshine. That’s where St. Moriz comes into the picture.

There is something about our skin having a sun-kissed glow that can add a boost to our confidence. But if you are anything like me, even the sun might not work so well for that. And as someone who is extremely pale and who burns and then goes back to a more ghostly pallor after that, the sun isn’t always our friend anyway.

Luckily for us, St. Moriz makes it so much easier to add some color to our skin this winter. And we had the chance to give the brand a try to see if it worked for us. With St. Moriz products being available at Ulta now, it is easier than ever to get our tan on.

St. Moriz makes having a tanned glow easier than ever

After trying a few of their products, I have to admit that I have two favorites that I am definitely recommending for people who are looking to add some color without the sun.

For me, the first must-try product has to be the St. Moriz Professional Fast Tanning Mousse. I used the light shade and it actually gave me a tanned look without getting streaky or patchy. I felt confident in my skin and it was nice to lose the overly pale look, even as we lose the sun.

However, the Professional Fast Tanning Mousse is not the only product I fell in love with. The other amazing tanning product I fell in love with was the Prime & Glow Face Tan Serum. For some reason, this just really worked for me. I felt like it added just the right amount of a glow without actually tanning my face. Instead, this was the kind of product that helps to get your face ready to go while giving you the perfect glowy look.

Honestly, the best part of the brand is the fact that nothing feels heavy, sticky, or uncomfortable. I was able to use these products with ease and they really felt like they worked. The fact that I had well over a month to try these products and figure out my thoughts also helped to convince me that these are products I will likely use all year long.

Have you ever tried St. Moriz products? If you have, what is your favorite? And if you haven’t, are you interested in trying any of their tanning products?

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