Using St. Moriz as an eyebrow tint? Try these do’s and don’ts.

St. Moriz Line. Image Courtesy of St. Moriz.
St. Moriz Line. Image Courtesy of St. Moriz. /

Everyone is always looking for ways to save money and sometimes, that means doing a few beauty hacks. That’s where St. Moriz comes in with some fun TikTok hack to use now.

If you didn’t know, St. Moriz is known for its self-tanning products, and considering the praise I’ve heard, I believe it’s a great product. Some of us are truly looking like ghosts this Halloween so it might be worth the buy.

We’re not here to talk about that, though. Instead, the brand decided to share some tips with us about a recent hack. People are now using self-tanner as an eyebrow tint and as fun as it sounds, there’s a margin for error there, too.

Thankfully, the company decided to share its do’s and don’ts while using St. Moriz as an eyebrow tint.

See these do’s and don’ts for using St. Moriz as an eyebrow tint.

Let’s start off with the things you should do and then move on to the don’ts. The first “Do” is to use an angled eyeliner brush to create those hairlike strokes you want. You just have to use a gentle hand when you’re applying and mimic how your hair is rather than use something bulky like a Q-Tip.

The other Do is to make sure this trend works for you. If you’re blonde, you might want to skip out on this one. If you’re not and you’re able to find a good match with St. Moriz, then give it a try. Then again if you’re already using St. Moriz, then you shouldn’t have a problem in that area.

Moving onto the Don’ts, there are three of these and they’re all very important to ensure this hack works best for you. The first is to not leave the self-tanner on for more than 3 hours. If anything, you should be checking on it every 30 minutes to ensure you’re getting the color you want and matching as closely as possible.

Another thing not to do is don’t touch your brows while the self-tanner is doing its thing. Essentially, find something to do around the house, read a book, or just find something to keep your hands busy while St. Moriz is doing its thing. Last but not least, don’t expect this hack to last forever.

This St. Moriz hack is one I’ve never heard of but I’m sure a lot of beauty lovers would want to try. Thankfully, you’ll be seeing more of this brand in the future on Culturess so be on the lookout for that.

Until then, let us know if you’re going to try this self-tanner hack and if it works for you!

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