Recipe for Second Chances is a lush romance for foodies

Recipe for Second Chances by Ali Rosen. Image Courtesy of Montlake.
Recipe for Second Chances by Ali Rosen. Image Courtesy of Montlake. /

If you know something, people say to put it into your work and Ali Rosen decided to take that approach and run with it including with Recipe for Second Chances.

While you might recognize this author’s name, she’s actually a cookbook author, TV personality, and now, a romance writer. Frankly, you may have seen her on TV, YouTube, or even on some lists.

Either way, Rosen is branching out and decided to write her debut romance book which is called Recipe for Second Chances. While the book was originally supposed to be out in September, the date was pushed back to November.

Due to that, this review is coming at you finally so I’d like to thank Leo PR for sending me an ARC so I could share my thoughts with you.

Recipe for Second Chances is a fun debut from Ali Rosen.

This book follows Stella whose best friend gets engaged and the whole crew heads to Italy. Of course, that also means that Stella’s ex: Samuel is going to be there too and things end on bad terms with the two of them yet they’re determined to not let the past ruin the present.

From the description, you can surmise that this is going to second-chance romance between Stella and Samuel. We also see flashbacks to their first meeting, their falling in love, and eventually, falling apart. Frankly, it’s hard to read at times, but that’s how real life can be.

Aside from the romance, Ali Rosen creates such a vivid and beautiful picture of this wedding, the food, and the countryside. At times, it felt like I was in Italy, celebrating with the whole crew. I’m sure as a cookbook writer, this was heaven for her to write those food descriptions and honestly, it made me hungry to read them.

Even though Recipe for Second Chances did have some hiccups as a debut, most of it can be overlooked. The one thing I didn’t love was that Stella acted towards the end of the book in the past and the present. While I do understand why she felt that way, she was incredibly selfish and it annoyed me to no end.

Then again, I can chalk some of that up to age, but I wish someone would have shaken her and told her to get a grip. Samuel was a really great guy and she wasted time, not being with him. However, everything worked out in the end so that’s all that matters. With that being said if you like second chances, enjoy delicious food, and want to try a new author, then I’d say give it a shot.

Recipe for Second Chances by Ali Rosen is now live on Amazon.

Will you be picking up this romance debut this November?

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