Missing debut Taylor Swift? Try Done and Dusted by Lyla Sage

Done and Dusted by Lyla Sage. Image Courtesy of Dial Press.
Done and Dusted by Lyla Sage. Image Courtesy of Dial Press. /

If there’s one thing the girls love, it’s Taylor Swift and romance books. Maybe I’m just talking about me, but when I heard about Done and Dusted by Lyla Sage, I knew I had to feature it in a post.

Let’s backtrack for a moment and see how this all connects. I know that you’re probably thinking about how but trust me, we’ll get there. Considering that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie just came out, this book couldn’t come at a better time.

Of course, the major connection between Done and Dusted is Taylor Swift’s debut album and that’s something a lot of Swifties don’t acknowledge. Even so, I think this is the perfect book to read before she announces her re-recording of her debut album.

I’d like to thank Dial Press for putting this book back on my radar and for getting me even more excited to finally pick it back up.

Missing debut Taylor Swift? Then pick up Done and Dusted.

When it comes to talking about re-recording her debut, Taylor Swift has been pretty tight-lipped but thankfully, romance authors aren’t sharing the same sentiment. Lyla Sage gives us all those early Taylor Swift feels with her release from Dial Press.

Maybe you’ve seen Done and Dusted on BookTok, saw it on the Amazon Charts, or are just hearing about it now. Either way, this book has everything a classic Taylor Swift song does aka brother’s best friend, a small-town setting, and the love story we’re all looking for. I mean how wouldn’t love a cowboy as a boyfriend?

While Miss Lyla Sage isn’t the first to try out this trope, I do think she really cashed in at the best possible time. She had such a unique cover for Done and Dusted along with it being dual POV which I feel like we rarely get. Sometimes, those small things can really set a book apart and that’s exactly how she came to be picked up by a publisher. I mean Done and Dusted had to be good to get picked up, too.

Either way, I think this book fits that ideal feeling everyone is craving this fall. You want something sweet, sexy, and fun along with being a small-town story. I just have to say it again but this cover is just so cute and works perfectly for any season. Then again, hopefully by this time next year, we’ll have Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version.)

Until we do get a re-recording of her debut, you’ll have plenty of time to get caught up on the Rebel Blue Ranch series. The first book is Done and Dusted and the second book is Swift and Satisfied which comes out on March 5th, 2024. Whether you’re looking for a cowboy romance or just want to try a new author, you need to keep Done and Dusted on your radar this fall.

Done and Dusted by Lyla Sage is out now where your favorite books are sold.

Which Taylor Swift debut song do you connect with Done and Dusted? Be sure to share your answers with us!

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