If You’ll Have Me is an adorable debut from Eunnie

If You'll Have Me. Image courtesy Viking Books for Young Readers
If You'll Have Me. Image courtesy Viking Books for Young Readers /

When it comes to graphic novels, everyone has different thoughts and If You’ll Have Me by Eunnie throws them out the window.

You might recognize Eunnie from their Instagram which is full of beautiful drawings. Trust me if you aren’t following them or just want some cute content in your life, then you at least need to scroll on there.

Seeing the cute cover alone was enough to make me want to read If You’ll Have Me. Plus it was included in my upcoming 2023 Pride releases feature. Of course, I have to thank Vikings Books for both putting this one on my radar and sending me an early copy.

I think that if you’re looking for some soft and somewhat angsty queer characters along with a dash of romance, you’ll fall in love with If You’ll Have Me.

If You’ll Have Me by Eunnie is adorable and angsty new adult goodness.

When it comes to graphic novels, some think of books targeted towards kids yet If You’ll Have Me is very clearly for an older audience. This book is set during college so I would say this one is for high-school age and above.

If You’ll Have Me follows Momo who is a shy queer college student. She meets PG in an elevator after dropping off notes to a friend of a friend. It’s clear Momo is attracted to PG from the start and the two eventually keep running into each other. Due to that, the two end up becoming friends.

While it’s clear the two are at very different levels of experience, Momo and PG are just the cutest sweetest little beans. They’re both dealing with the pressure of school, and friends and figuring out their complicated feelings for each other. It’s honestly pretty relatable for those who have gone through college and want to finally have those experiences.

Despite being a slow-burn romance between PG and Momo, it’s clear these two couldn’t stop thinking about each other from the start. They were so cute and obsessed with each other before anything romantic even happened. The only complaint I had was that the miscommunication in this one was a bit much. I just wish Momo and PG would have talked to each other instead of making such huge assumptions about the other.

The art style for If You’ll Have Me is so cutesy and I know for sure, I’ll be picking up more from Eunnie if she writes more. I think if you’re looking for more new adult romances, you should have this one on your radar.

If You’ll Have Me by Eunnie is out now wherever books are sold.

Will you be grabbing a copy of this adorable new graphic novel? Let us know your fall TBR!

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