Better Hate Than Never is a realistic yet enchanting love story

Better Hate Than Never by Chloe Liese. Image Courtesy of Berkley.
Better Hate Than Never by Chloe Liese. Image Courtesy of Berkley. /

Chloe Liese is one of those romance authors who feels like a warm hug every time you revisit her books. That’s why I was so excited to get a copy of Better Hate Than Never.

Liese is most known for her Bergman Brothers series yet this new series is a slight departure. The Wilmot Sisters series follows three sisters as they each have their own romances and the books are Shakespeare-inspired.

The first book in the series was Two Wrongs Make A Right which is now being followed up by Better Hate Than Ever and I was so happy when Berkley sent me a finished copy so I’d like to thank the publisher.

With all that out of the way, let’s get into my thoughts on Better Hate Than Ever.

Better Hate Than Never is a fun and modern twist on a classic tale.

Better Hate Than Never is the second book in the Wilmot Sisters series and it follows Katerina Wilmot as she returns home. She’s coming back from traveling the world and spending time away from her. She’s not used to things being consistent aside from Christopher Petruchio’s disdain for her.

While Christopher is a darling in everyone else’s eyes, he’s a thorn in Kate’s side and the two can’t seem to see eye-to-eye. Regardless, it’s clear they’re attracted to each other and every single time they see each other, they can’t seem to keep their eyes off each other. Did I mention this is a Taming of the Shrew reimaging?

Seeing Kate slowly break down her walls and learn to trust Christopher is so beautiful. As for Christopher, it’s clear he’s been pining for Kate for years as evidenced by his internal monologue. Coupled with the fact that Kate is demisexual and has ADHD while Christopher gets chronic migraines, these two learn to care for each other in the best ways.

Given Chloe Liese’s track record, I knew I was going to love this and she didn’t disappoint. There was even a look at Bea and Jamie after their adorable romance in the first book and even, a preview of what’s to come next. As always, the friendships and family bonds are great and something I adore about Chloe Liese’s stories.

As someone who has read and loved her Bergman Brothers series, I can’t help but recommend Better Hate Than Never. There is no one out there, writing as openly as Liese does. She manages to make you fall in love with Kate and Christopher in just a few pages and from that point, you’re hooked.

Usually, I don’t talk too much about the cover, but this cover just screams fall to me so I think it’s a good one to read during the fall season or even, around the holidays. Her books are so comforting and authentic so you won’t want to miss Better Hate Than Never.

Better Hate Than Never by Chloe Liese is out now where books are sold.

Will you be picking up a copy of Better Hate Than Never by Chloe Liese? Let us know in the comments!

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